21st Annual Business Opportunity Seminar


December 9, 2011

Special Message

I would like to thank everyone - attendees, exhibitors and Airports Authority staff - who helped make this year's Business Opportunity Seminar a success! By popular request, I have posted electronic copies of this year's presentations which were shown at the various sessions from throughout event. Please feel free to send us your comments regarding the Business Opportunity Seminar at contracting@mwaa.com and we will use them to help make future events even better.

Mike Giardina
Contracting Officer - Procurement Technology Specialist
Webmaster, MWAA Contracting Opportunities On-Line

Handbook and Presentations

Icon-Acrobat.jpg Business Opportunity Seminar Handbook (2.07 MB)
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Information Session - Construction and Design (5.05 MB)
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Information Session - Goods and Services (903 KB)
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Information Session - Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project (6.41 MB)
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Information Session - Doing Business with the Airports Authority (489 KB)
Icon-Acrobat.jpg General Session - Part 1 (15.0 MB) Part 2 (13.6 MB)