Job Application Q&A

About the Airports Authority

Is the Airports Authority a Federal Agency?

Information about the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s Federal status can be found here.

Before You Apply

Do I have to be a US citizen to apply for a job?

You do not have to be a US citizen to apply for Airports Authority jobs, EXCEPT for Airport Police positions. In order to be considered for Airport Police jobs you must be a US citizen.

Will I need a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) to apply?

Yes, you will need a resume or curriculum vitae to complete the application process.

Does the Airports Authority accept paper applications?

No, only online applications are accepted for consideration, no exception.

The position I am applying for requires a certification, degree or license. Do I have to submit proof that I possess it, and when do I submit it?

Yes, if you are applying for a position that requires a certificate, degree or license you will be required to provide documentation. However, you will not upload or submit your documentation as part of your application. Unless there are instructions in the job description specifying methods for providing proof, applicants will receive an email notification with details on when and how to submit this documentation.

Starting Your Application

What are the steps to applying online?

The Airports Authority only accepts applications for open vacancies that are submitted electronically. Once you complete your application materials you may apply for multiple positions with the same application.

Follow these steps to begin the application process:

  • To view open positions click on ‘Open Position’.
  • Click ‘Submit Your Application.’
  • To apply for a job. Please enter an email address to add to your profile.
  • If you have previously applied for a position with the Airports Authority, use the user name and password you previously created to apply. If you are a first time user click on ‘CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT HERE’ under the log on section.
  • The Job portal will provide guidance to create, edit and submit your application.

Note: This is a Secure Site. Only authorized individuals will have access to the information submitted

You do not need to provide your Social Security Number.

About the Online Application

Are all sections of the application required to be completed and do I need to answer the online questionnaires?

In order to receive full consideration for the position(s) for which you submit an application, you must completely fill out each section of the application. You need to list your current employer and previous two employers on the application and fill out all the sections. Please be sure that all sections of your online application are completed prior to clicking on the "Submit Application" button in the submit section of the application. If you do not complete all sections you may not be considered for the position(s). All assessment questionnaires must be answered. Your answer to the knowledge, skills, abilities and others (KSAOs) questions should indicate that you have the required KSAOs by writing a brief statement how it relates to your experience. Applicants who answer with N/A or with insufficient information on their KSAOs will receive a lower score and may not be invited for an interview with the hiring manager.

Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

No, you will need to apply for one job at a time. After you submit your application for a job, you will receive a confirmation email that your application has been successfully submitted. Then proceed to the next open position and apply.

Can I change or update my resume or application on your website?

Yes, you may edit or change your profile or resume at any time. However, if you applied directly to a position, you may only make the changes if the job opportunity is still open.

After You Apply

What happens after I apply for a position?

After submitting your online application, you should receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of the application. Online applications are reviewed by the Employment Specialist after the closing date for the vacancy announcement to determine whether the applicant meets the minimum qualification. Applicants who meet the minimum requirements for the position will be evaluated, scored and ranked by the Application Review Panel. Applicants who are determined to be the best qualified candidates will be invited for an interview with the hiring manager. Applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications will be notified accordingly.

Upon submitting my application, when can I expect to hear back?

Once the vacancy announcement closes, applicants will be evaluated based on the minimum qualification requirements. Generally, applicants are notified within a week following this evaluation.

Once I submit my resume and application are they kept on file or do I have to resubmit a new application and resume for each vacancy that I apply?

Your resume, cover letter and application will be stored in our recruitment database. When you want to apply for another vacancy at any given time, we recommend that you review your resume, cover letter and application for any updates that you would like to make. List all the jobs you have held since you submitted your last application for employment.

When will my references are will be checked?

Reference checks are conducted at the final stages of the selection process. Prior to a job offer, your employment and education may be verified—you will be notified prior to conducting reference checks. Some positions also require proof of licensure or certification. Some positions require a pre-employment drug test or post-offer health assessment. All positions require successful completion of an extensive background investigation.

Applying for Non-MWAA Positions

How do I apply for non-MWAA jobs (i.e. Delta, Super Shuttle, Parking, etc.)?

For non-Airports Authority Job Contacts, you can contact different vendors here.