Dulles Western Lands

Information about submitting unsolicited proposals for land development

Dulles Western Lands location mapThe Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority has approximately 425 acres of land located at the western boundary of Washington Dulles International Airport along Route 606 which are available for development. Interested parties may submit an Unsolicited Proposal for the lease of any or all of this property.

Unsolicited proposals for the Property are defined to be proposals for the long-term lease of the Property submitted to the Authority that are not in response to any solicitation issued by the Authority. The Authority invites Unsolicited Proposals for both non-aviation uses and aviation uses of the Property, the latter uses consisting of second-line aviation support activities such as freight forwarders and consolidators, which typically are able to be located “off-airport.”

Unsolicited proposals may be based on the Authority’s interests, needs and goals, as described in public materials. On the other hand, parties interested in preparing an Unsolicited Proposal may see opportunities for development of the Property that are not addressed in Authority materials and that may be beneficial to the Authority. Parties submitting an Unsolicited Proposal will bear all costs and expenses associated with the preparation of their Unsolicited Proposals.

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