Runway 1/19 Rehabilitation Project Completed in 2012 at Reagan National

Runway 1/19 was commissioned by MWAA and the FAA on May 31, 2012 following a rehabilitation and expansion project. The runway now operates in a new configuration that maintains compliance with FAA runway safety area standards. 300 feet of new runway pavement and an extended hold block have been added at the south end of the runway. The commissioning included new FAA glideslope navigation equipment. Flights will continue to operate as they did before the project, and passengers should not notice any major changes during takeoff or landing.

As part of this project the main north-south runway, Runway 1/19, was completely milled and re-surfaced for the first time since 1990. The runway centerline and touchdown zone lighting systems were also replaced with new equipment. A new approach lighting system was installed on a pier extending south from the airfield. Final testing and commissioning of the new system will continue periodically as needed.

To track flights to or from the airport, Click here to visit the Aircraft Noise and Flight Tracking webpage.

The photograph above shows the project area. Since the project is complete, the runway no longer closes nightly.

Some major components of the Runway 1/19 improvement project include:

  • Replacing the Runway 1/19 centerline lighting system and Runway 1 touchdown zone lighting system (completed)
  • Milling and re-surfacing the entire 6,869-foot asphalt runway (completed)
  • Milling and re-surfacing taxiway intersections along Runway 1/19 (completed)
  • Increasing runway safety areas to maintain compliance with FAA regulations (completed May 31, 2012)
  • Replacing the runway approach light pier in the Potomac River (completed)
  • Replacing the runway approach light system (completed)
  • Final testing and commissioning of the approach system (completed)
Other Project Updates

May 5, 2010 - A Finding of No Significant Impact Record of Decision was issued regarding several of these projects.

May 16, 2011 - A press release (click here to read) was issued regarding the commencement of 11pm-6am nightly closures.

July 28, 2011 - A press release (click here to read) was issued regarding the commencement of 11pm-6am nightly pile driving activity. The pile driving was completed. A new approach light pier is supported by the new piles.