Airports Authority Board Approves Adjusted Wage Policy

Published: December 18, 2019


The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Board of Directors met Wednesday and received a report from its specially formed Ad Hoc Labor Committee, which has been analyzing the impact of the Airport Workers Wage Policy adopted in 2017 to cover workers employed by airlines, concessionaires and other businesses operating on airport property. Following the report, the full board voted to adopt the committee’s recommendations to revise the policy. The revisions include: 

  • Revising the definition of covered businesses to include any business that prepares airline in-flight meals at an off-airport location and any business that operates a fast food restaurant within Dulles International Airport, at certain locations outside an airport terminal.  
  • Accelerating the schedule of base wage rates adopted in 2017 to increase annually beginning January 1, 2021 by 75 cents an hour, achieving a minimum hourly rate of $15 on January 1, 2023.
  • Initiating further review of the impacts of the policy in calendar year 2022 and, based on the results of that review, consider establishing new base wage rates by July 1, 2023, for calendar year 2024 and beyond.

“During the evaluation process, members of the board worked for several months to balance the interests and viewpoints of stakeholders, which include the airlines, concessionaires and other business that employ the workers, in addition to the workers themselves and the unions,” said David Speck, director and chairman of the Ad Hoc Labor Committee. 

The revised policy was adopted following a process of studying proposals, gathering stakeholder input, analyzing business and labor issues and researching best business practices. The policy reflects the board’s overarching intent to encourage a more stable, experienced and dedicated workforce throughout the airport community with the goal of helping enhance safety, security and customer service.