Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Regulations

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Regulations (Part 7)


§ 7.1.  Sale of Printed Material and Solicitation.

The sale of flyers, brochures, pamphlets, books, or any other written or printed material or the personal solicitation of money for immediate payment from passersby in a continuous or repetitive manner may only be done pursuant to a permit issued under this Part. A permit is not required for commercial activity conducted with the approval of the Authority as provided in Part 6 of these regulations.

(Res. No. 94-4, 1-5-94)

§ 7.2.  Demonstrations.

Demonstrations may only be held pursuant to a permit issued under this Part. The term “demonstrations” includes demonstrations, picketing, making speeches, marching, holding vigils or religious services, and all other like forms of conduct which involve the communication or expression of views or grievances, engaged in by one or more persons, the conduct of which has the effect, intent, or propensity to draw a crowd of onlookers.

(Res. No. 94-4, 1-5-94)

§ 7.3.  Distribution of Literature.

The distribution of newspapers, leaflets, pamphlets, or other printed material, other than material which is primarily commercial advertising, shall not be made without a permit issued under this Part.  Distribution of printed material which is primarily commercial advertising is a commercial activity and may only be made pursuant to a concession contract with the Authority.

(Res. No. 94-4, 1-5-94)

§ 7.4.  Prohibited Conduct.

  1. In soliciting, selling printed material, demonstrating, or distributing literature, it is prohibited:

(a) to stand other than in the location designated on one’s permit,

(b) to hawk or call out to passers-by,

(c) to amplify one’s voice,

(d) to obstruct or impede pedestrians or vehicles,

(e) to harass people with physical contact or repetitive solicitation,

(f) to set up stands or structures.

  1. Solicitation of money for immediate payment and the sale of printed material is completely prohibited within the interior of the buildings or structures of the air terminals if conducted to or with passersby in a continuous or repetitive manner unless engaged in under a concession contract with the Authority.

(Res. No. 94-4, 1-5-94)

§ 7.5.  Permits.

  1. Permit applications shall be made in writing to the Operations Office of the Airport. Among other things, the application shall include the name of the applicant, his local address and telephone number, and the organization he represents, if any. Permit applications for solicitation and sale of printed material outside the air terminals, or for demonstrations or distribution of literature will be processed in order of receipt and use of a particular area will be allocated in order of receipt of fully executed applications.  Applicants for permits to solicit or to distribute printed material which requests contributions on behalf of charitable or civic organizations must show that the organization is duly registered or exempted from registration with the Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  Permits shall be issued to individual persons and may not be transferred to another person.  Permits shall be issued without delay and shall be valid for up to forty-eight (48) hours. Permits may not be reserved more than thirty (30) days in advance.  No more than thirty-three percent (33%) of the permits available for demonstrations or distribution of literature inside the air terminals on a given day shall be issued to the representatives of one organization in advance of the date of the permit.
  2. A permit may be denied on the following grounds:

(a)  A fully executed prior application for the same time and place has been received and a permit has been or will be granted authorizing activities which do not reasonably permit multiple occupancy of the particular area.

(b) The proposed solicitation, sale of printed material, demonstration, or distribution of literature is of such nature that it can not reasonably be accommodated in the particular area applied for, taking into account safety, damage to Authority facilities, traffic congestion, or substantial impairment of the operation of public facilities or services of concessionaires or contractors.

(c) The location applied for is within the air terminals and has not been designated as available for demonstration or the distribution of literature.

(d) The applicant has made serious or repeated violations of the provisions of this Part.

(Res. No. 94-4, 1-5-94)

§ 7.6.  Terminal Areas Available for Demonstrations or Distribution.

  1. The sale of printed material or solicitation of money for immediate payment from passersby is prohibited inside the air terminals.
  2. The following areas within the interiors of the air terminals are available for demonstrations or the distribution of literature up to the maximum number of persons indicated:

(a) Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

(i) Terminal A: Main Lobby – 2

(ii) Terminal A: Northwest Airlines Lobby – 2

(iii) Terminal B: Concourse Level – 3

(iv) Terminal C: Concourse Level – 3

(b) Washington Dulles International Airport

(i) Main Terminal, upper level, north of ticketing: East – 3, West – 3

(ii) Terminal A: 1

(iii) Terminal B: 2

(iv) Terminal C: 1

(v) Terminal D: 1

The Operations Office of each Airport shall have available a map showing the exact location of these available areas.

(Res. No. 94-4, 1-5-94; Res. No. 98-2, 2-4-98; Res. No. 99-13, 10-6-99)

§ 7.7. Revocation of Permit.

The Airport Manager may revoke a permit issued under this Part for violation of any provision of this Part or in an emergency or if circumstances have changed so that the permitted activity can no longer be reasonably accommodated at the place and time requested.

(Res. No. 94-4, 1-5-94)

§ 7.8.  Leased Areas Unaffected.

Nothing in this Part shall be construed as impairing or expanding any right which an airport lessee may otherwise have, by virtue of its leasehold interest in airport premises, to regulate access to those areas under its exclusive control.

(Res. No. 94-4, 1-5-94)