Committee Membership and Jurisdiction


Ethics Review Committee (at call of the Committee Chair)

Chair: Nina Mitchell Wells

Members: Robert W. Lazaro, Jr.; Caren MerrickThorn Pozen; Mark Uncapher; Joslyn N. Williams,  Warner H. Session (Chair-Elect)

Executive and Governance Committee (at call of the Committee Chair)

Chair: Warner H. Session (Chair-Elect)

Members:  Earl Adams, Jr.; Barbara Lang; Caren Merrick; Warner H. SessionDavid G. Speck

Nominations Committee (at call of the Committee Chair)

Chair: Caren Merrick

Members:  Earl Adams, Jr.Barbara LangNina Mitchell WellsWarner H. Session (Chair-Elect)

Standing Committees

Business Administration Committee (monthly)

Chair: Caren Merrick, Co-Chair; Warner H. Session, Co-Chair 

Members: Katherine K. HanleyBarbara Lang; A. Bradley Mims; David G. Speck; William E. Sudow; J. Walter TejadaWarner H. Session (Chair-Elect)

Dulles Corridor Committee (monthly)

Chair: Katherine K. Hanley, Co-Chair; A. Bradley Mims, Co-Chair

Members: Anthony Griffin; Robert W. Lazaro, Jr; Caren MerrickThorn Pozen; Warner H. SessionNina Mitchell WellsWarner H. Session (Chair-Elect)

Finance Committee (monthly)

Chair: Earl Adams, Jr., Co-Chair; David G. Speck, Co-Chair

Members:  Barbara Lang; Caren MerrickA. Bradley Mims; William E. SudowJ. Walter Tejada; Mark Uncapher; Joslyn N. WilliamsWarner H. Session (Chair-Elect)

Human Resources Committee (quarterly)

Chair: Anthony Grffin, Co-Chair; Thorn Pozen, Co-Chair

Members:  Earl Adams, Jr.Katherine K. Hanley; Robert W. Lazaro, Jr; J. Walter Tejada; Mark UncapherWarner H. Session (Chair-Elect)

Risk Management Committee (quarterly)

Chair: William E. Sudow, Co-Chair; Joslyn N. Williams, Co-Chair

Members: Anthony GriffinThorn Pozen; David G. SpeckWarner H. Session (Chair-Elect)

Strategic Development Committee (monthly)

Chair: Nina Mitchell Wells, Co-Chair; Barbara Lang, Co-Chair

Members: Anthony Griffin; Katherine K. Hanley; Robert W. Lazaro, JrA. Bradley MimsThorn Pozen; Warner H. SessionWilliam E. Sudow; Mark Uncapher; Joslyn N. WilliamsWarner H. Session (Chair-Elect)