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THANK YOU to everyone who helped us celebrate 30 years of service for the Dulles Toll Road. Drive safe and use those E-ZPasses!

Construction Advisories

E-ZPass Lane Conversion Work Shifting to Hunter Mill Road Exit

To ease congestion and increase convenience for drivers, 19 toll-lanes along the Dulles Toll Road will be converted from “exact change” to “E-ZPass only” over the next year. The eastbound conversion of the 3rd lane from the left at the main toll plaza to "E-ZPass Only" has been completed.

During the conversion project, coin baskets will be removed and replaced by upgraded E-ZPass infrastructure.  To minimize congestion, lanes will be reconfigured one at a time, with each conversion taking two to four weeks.  When the project is complete, all toll plazas will still have at least one “full service” lane available.

Conversions are scheduled for unattended “exact change” lanes at the main toll plaza and exit ramps along the roadway.

Work Commencing:

Beginning Date




  Nov. 24


  Hunter Mill Road

  Far Right

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Next Up (upon completion of previous work):

Beginning Date




 (TBD in December)


  Hunter Mill Road

  Far Right

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