New Contract Awards

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority has made awards on the following projects within the past two months. This list includes all projects which were solicited through the Airports Authority website, as well as other awards valued at over $50,000.

Shipping Containers, National Airport UPDATED
Solicitation Information: RFQ 2-17-P0479; Issued 09/21/2017; Quotations Received 09/29/2017
Notice: RFQ 2-17-P0479 was cancelled effective 10/24/2017.

IT Network Scanning for Software Inventory UPDATED
Solicitation Information: RFQ 1-17-B091; Issued 08/23/2017; Quotations Received 09/19/2017
Notice: RFQ 1-17-B091 was cancelled effective 10/20/2017.  A revised solicitation is anticipated at a later date.

Staffing and Scheduling Consultant for Public Safety UPDATED
Solicitation Information: RFQ 2-17-B0409; Issued 08/24/2017; Quotations Received 09/20/2017
Notice: RFQ 2-17-B0409 was cancelled effective 10/18/2017.

Airboats for MWAA Fire and Rescue Department, National Airport UPDATED
Solicitation Information: IFB 1-17-C150; Issued 08/30/2017; Proposals Received 10/02/2017
Notice: IFB 1-17-C150 was cancelled effective 10/17/2017.  A revised solicitation is anticipated at a later date.

Claims Analysis Services, DCMP UPDATED
Solicitation Information: RFP 8-17-C014; Issued 08/17/2017; Proposals Received 09/19/2017
Notice: IFB 8-17-C014 was cancelled effective 10/17/2017.  A revised solicitation is anticipated at a later date.

Replace HVAC Systems in Two Buildings, Dulles Airport NEW
Solicitation Information: RFP 1-17-C140; Issued 08/09/2017; Proposals Received 09/06/2017
Award Information: Contract 1-17-C140; Awarded 10/16/2017
Award Amount: $3,502,000.00
Contractor Name: Paramount Mechanical Corp.
Contact Person: Mark Cronin, 703-369-1750

Liquid Runway Deicer, National and Dulles Airports NEW
Solicitation Information: IFB 1-17-C104; Issued 06/27/2017; Proposals Received 07/26/2017; Bids Received 08/17/2017
Award Information: Contract 1-17-C104; Awarded 10/12/2017
Award Amount: Not-to-Exceed $3,681,000.00
Contractor Name: Cryotech Deicing Technology
Contact Person: Craig E. Starwalt, 800-346-7237

Online Local Events and Activities Booking Services UPDATED
Solicitation Information: RFP 4-17-C002; Issued 05/10/2017; Proposals Received 07/07/2017
Notice: RFP 4-17-C002 was cancelled effective 10/12/2017.  

Online Restaurant Booking Services UPDATED
Solicitation Information: RFP 4-17-C003; Issued 05/10/2017; Proposals Received 07/07/2017
Notice: RFP 4-17-C003 was cancelled effective 10/12/2017.  

Design/Build Dulles Airport Metrorail Station Windscreens UPDATED
Solicitation Information: IFB 8-17-C015; Issued 08/21/2017; Proposals Received 09/22/2017
Notice: IFB 8-17-C015 was cancelled effective 10/12/2017.  A revised solicitation is anticipated at a later date.

Direct Funded Indexed Floaters and/or Letter of Credit NEW
Solicitation Information: RFP 1-17-F110; Issued 06/21/2017; Proposals Received 07/12/2017
Award Information: Financial Agreements Awarded 10/03/2017
Contractor Names: Wells Fargo, N.A. (Series 2010D Bonds); US Bank, N.A. (Series 2011B Bonds)

Dynamic Messaging Signs for DIAAH UPDATED
Solicitation Information: IFB 1-17-C099; Issued 07/27/2017; Bids Received 09/06/2017
Notice: RFP 1-17-C099 was cancelled effective 10/05/2017.  Revised solicitation 1-17-C176 was issued 10/12/2017.

Transcription of Audio Recordings for the Board Office NEW
Solicitation Information: RFQ 2-17-B0373; Issued 09/12/2017; Quotations Received 09/22/2017
Award Information: Blanket Purchase Order 2-17-B0373; Awarded 10/05/2017
Award Amount: $14,949.00
Contractor Name: American Fusion Systems
Contact Person: Nancy Navarro, 703-254-3216

Rubber and Paint Removal Services, Dulles Airport NEW
Solicitation Information: RFP 1-17-C061; Issued 05/05/2017; Proposals Received 06/07/2017
Award Information: Contract 1-17-C061; Awarded 09/29/2017
Award Amount: $254,000.00
Contractor Name: Hi-Lite Airfield Services, LLC
Contact Person: Tim Hurtibus, 315-583-6111 x241

Miscellaneous Design/Build Projects (MACC), National and Dulles Airports UPDATED
Solicitation Information: RFP 1-17-C111; Issued 06/29/2017; Proposals Received 08/01/2017
Notice: RFP 1-17-C111 was cancelled effective 09/28/2017.

Replace Electronic Key Access Control Security Systems, National and Dulles Airports NEW
Solicitation Information: RFP 1-17-C037; Issued 02/17/2017; Proposals Received 04/06/2017
Award Information: Contract 1-17-C037; Awarded 09/27/2017
Award Amount: $277,333.78
Contractor Name: Baldino's Lock & Key Service, Inc.
Contact Person: Jeff Waldo, 703-550-0770

Fixed Base Operator, Dulles Airport NEW
Solicitation Information: RFP 6-17-C001; Issued 03/30/2017; Proposals Received 05/22/2017
Award Information: Contract 6-17-C001; Awarded 09/26/2017
Contractor Name: Signature Flight Support
Contact Person: Jim Hopkins, 336-403-9186

Sound Wall Repairs, Dulles Toll Road NEW
Solicitation Information: IFB 7-17-C013; Issued 07/17/2017; Bids Received 09/06/2017
Award Information: Contract 7-17-C013; Awarded 09/26/2017
Award Amount: $1,500,188.00
Contractor Name: Martins Construction Corp.
Contact Person: Adriano Fernandes, 703-533-8700

Shipping Containers, National Airport UPDATED
Solicitation Information: RFQ 2-17-P0280; Issued 08/16/2017; Quotations Received 08/25/2017
Notice: RFQ 2-17-P0280 was cancelled effective 09/21/2017.  Revised RFQ 2-17-P0479 was issued 09/21/2017.

Respirator/Gas Masks for Law Enforcement Personnel
Solicitation Information: RFQ 2-17-P0426; Issued 09/05/2017; Proposals Received 09/13/2017
Award Information: Purchase Order 2-17-P0426; Awarded 09/20/2017
Award Amount: $63,599.10
Contractor Name: The MGS Group, Inc.
Contact Person: Sylvester Bush, 202-251-7003

Audit Services for Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project
Solicitation Information: RFP 8-17-C004; Issued 01/04/2017; Proposals Received 02/17/2017
Award Information: Contract 8-17-C004; Awarded 09/18/2017
Award Amount: Per Task Order
Contractor Name: CohnReznick, LLP
Contact Person: Thomas R. Greenawalt, 301-652-9100

PC Support Services
Solicitation Information: RFQ 1-17-B154; Issued 08/17/2017; Quotations Received 08/24/2017
Award Information: Blanket Purchase Order 1-17-B154; Awarded 09/13/2017
Award Amount: Not-to-Exceed $184,140.00
Contractor Name: NOETEIKS, LLC dba American Fusion Systems
Contact Person: Nancy Navarro, 703-254-3216

Virtual Navigation Platform UPDATED
Solicitation Information: RFQ 1-17-B118; Issued 08/01/2017; Quotations Received 08/31/2017
Notice: RFQ 1-17-B118 was cancelled effective 09/08/2017.  Revised RFQ 1-17-B169 was issued 09/21/2017.

Medical Tank Refills and Rentals, National and Dulles Airports
Solicitation Information: RFQ 2-17-B0403; Issued 08/07/2017; Quotations Received 08/14/2017
Award Information: Blanket Purchase Order 2-17-B0403; Awarded 08/31/2017
Award Amount: $12,211.90
Contractor Name: Airgas USA
Contact Person: Tom Scott, 484-273-3133

Third Party Payroll and Human Capital Management Services
Solicitation Information: RFP 1-17-C115; Issued 06/22/2017; Proposals Received 07/21/2017
Award Information: Contract 1-17-C115; Awarded 08/30/2017
Award Amount: Not-to-Exceed $147,965.20
Contractor Name: ADP, LLC
Contact Person: Glenn DeMaio, 973-919-8088

Reroof JP Morgan Chase Building, Dulles Airport
Solicitation Information: IFB 1-17-C087; Issued 06/21/2017; Bids Received 07/20/2017
Award Information: Contract 1-17-C087; Awarded 08/29/2017
Award Amount: $447,225.00
Contractor Name: Protec Construction, Inc.
Contact Person: Amarjit Singh, 202-232-0080

Business Acumen Training for Leadership Development UPDATED
Solicitation Information: RFQ 2-17-P0240; Issued 06/15/2017; Quotations Received 06/28/2017
Notice: RFQ 2-17-P0240 was cancelled effective 08/29/2017.

Convert Fuel Tanks from Underground to Aboveground, Dulles Airport
Solicitation Information: IFB 1-17-C073; Issued 05/05/2017; Bids Received 06/21/2017
Award Information: Contract 1-17-C073; Awarded 08/28/2017
Award Amount: $987,160.00
Contractor Name: Total Environmental Concepts, Inc.
Contact Person: Theodore E. Bedell, III, 301-548-0382

Natural Gas Delivery Service, Dulles Airport
Solicitation Information: Sole Source, Sole Source Justification
Award Information: Contract 1-17-C015; Awarded 08/25/2017
Award Amount: $850,000.00
Contractor Name: Columbia Gas of Virginia, Inc.
Contact Person: Heather Bauer, 614-460-5554

Real Estate Broker Services, Dulles Airport
Solicitation Information: RFP 1-17-C057; Issued 03/31/2017; Proposals Received 04/28/2017
Award Information: Contract 1-17-C057; Awarded 08/25/2017
Award Amount: Not-to-Exceed $5,000,000.00
Contractor Name: CBRE, Inc.
Contact Person: Derrick Mashore, 202-783-8200

Supplies for ID Badge Printers, Dulles Airport
Solicitation Information: RFQ 1-17-B067; Issued 08/08/2017; Quotations Received 08/21/2017
Award Information: Blanket Purchase Order 1-17-B067; Awarded 08/25/2017
Award Amount: Not-to-Exceed $63,700.00
Contractor Name: IdentiSys, Inc.
Contact Person: John Wassell, 301-370-7166

Parking Lot Entrance Plaza Canopies, Dulles Airport
Solicitation Information: IFB 1-17-C108; Issued 06/08/2017; Bids Received 07/26/2017
Award Information: Contract 1-17-C108; Awarded 08/25/2017
Award Amount: $700,932.92
Contractor Name: Patner Construction, Inc.
Contact Person: Charley Mays, 703-698-2190

2017 World Routes Conference Exhibition Booth
Solicitation Information: Sole Source, Sole Source Justification
Award Information: Purchase Order 1-17-P113; Awarded 08/18/2017
Award Amount: $81,217.89
Contractor Name: GES Europe
Contact Person: Tim Abelskamp, +31 6 11 18 82 36

Three Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicles
Solicitation Information: Government Rider Contract - Houston-Galveston Area Council
Award Information: Contract 1-17-C102; Awarded 08/17/2017
Award Amount: $2,407,190.00
Contractor Name: Rosenbauer Minnesota, LLC
Contact Person: Steven Reedy, 651-462-1000

PC Support Services UPDATED
Solicitation Information: RFQ 1-17-B105; Issued 07/13/2017; Quotations Received 07/31/2017
Notice: RFQ 1-17-B105 was cancelled effective 08/14/2017.  Revised solicitation 1-17-B154 issued 08/17/2017.

Carpet Tile, Dulles Airport
Solicitation Information: RFQ 3-17-P0510; Issued 07/27/2017; Quotations Received 08/11/2017
Award Information: Purchase Order 3-17-P0510; Awarded 08/14/2017
Award Amount: $99,871.00
Contractor Name: B & B Floor Service, Inc.
Contact Person: Shannah Bellamy, 202-388-8312 x102