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MWAA iSupplier Portal Overview

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority reached a significant contracting milestone with the implementation of its MWAA FIRST Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System on June 27, 2011. A key component of the system is the the Oracle iSupplier Portal, a self-service application, enabling registered “suppliers” (including contractors, vendors and service providers) to conduct e-business transactions online with the Airports Authority via the internet.

Implementation of the Airports Authority’s iSupplier Portal means that registered users will be able to access the latest information regarding your procurement activities. You will also be able to manage the following events in the Procure-to-Pay cycle:

  • Acknowledge Purchase Orders (POs) and monitor their status
  • Create advance shipment notices
  • View invoices and payment histories 
  • View accounts payable reports

With the iSupplier Portal, the Airports Authority will be able to support its suppliers' and contractors' various procurement and contracting needs.

Please note that companies will not be required to use the iSupplier Portal system, as the Airports Authority recognizes that some companies will elect to conduct business as usual, and they can continue processing Purchase Orders, invoices and communications manually.

iSupplier Portal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For additional information on what capabilities iSupplier Portal can provide, please review the iSupplier Portal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

iSupplier Portal Login and Registration

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