iSupplier FAQ

iSupplier Portal Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Oracle iSupplier Portal?

iSupplier Portal is a self-service applications within the MWAA FIRST Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System that enables registered Suppliers to communicate and conduct electronic business transactions with the Airports Authority via the internet. NOTE: The term “Supplier” applies to all Vendors, Contractors and Service Providers that the Airports Authority does business with.

2. Can I continue to conduct business with the Airports Authority without registering to use iSupplier Portal?

Yes. The Airports Authority fully recognizes that some Suppliers may not be capable of, or have an interest in, accessing their procurement activities online at this time. Any Supplier that prefers to continue doing business with the Airports Authority as they always have may continue to do so.

3. Should I register to use iSupplier Portal?

The Airports Authority is encouraging all active Suppliers to request that they be registered to access the new iSupplier Portal to conduct and respond to e-business transactions.

4. Do I need the internet in order to access the Oracle iSupplier Portal?

Yes. The minimum requirement to access iSupplier Portal is Internet Explorer, version 8.

5. Does it cost me anything to use iSupplier Portal?

No. The iSupplier Portal is being provided as a free service to interested Airports Authority vendors and service providers.

6. Will I need any additional software?

No. You will only need access to the internet, nothing more.

7. What are the benefits of registering as a user of iSupplier Portal?

  • View existing orders from the Airports Authority
  • Acknowledge and submit change requests to Purchase Orders
  • Submit an electronic signature while acknowledging a purchase order
  • View current purchase agreements with the Airports Authority View an audit trail of any revisions for a purchase order
  • Inform Airports Authority buyers that goods are ready for shipment by uploading a routing request
  • View the Airports Authority’s responses to routing requests
  • Alert the Airports Authority of any upcoming deliveries by sending advance shipping notices (ASNs) or advance shipment billing notices (ASBNs)
  • Upload ASNs or ASBNs to iSupplier Portal using spreadsheet technology
  • View receipts, returns and delivery performance
  • View invoices and payment history

8. Will there be any training materials available on how to use iSupplier Portal?

Yes. CLICK HERE to access an interactive tutorial, Managing MWAA Accounts for Vendors.

9. Can I request to register for iSupplier Portal at any time?

Yes. Suppliers are not required to register for iSupplier Portal during any specific period of time.

10. Can more than one person from my company be registered to use iSupplier Portal?

Yes. iSupplier Portal allows multiple employees from a single company to register, with an important caveat. The Airports Authority will register one “primary” contact from each existing Supplier company that provides an e-mail address for that contact. Once the primary contact gains access to iSupplier Portal, he/she can register any number of additional employees that they desire or require.