Air France Airbus A380 Service at Washington Dulles International Airport

Published: June 01, 2011



Operation Information

  • Beginning June 6, Air France will operate daily A380 service between Washington-Dulles and Paris-Charles de Gaulle.
  • The concourse holdrooms designated for these flights have seating for all passengers.
  • The A380 will operate using gates A20 and A22.
  • Daily flight schedule: AF028 from Paris arrives at 1:00 pm. AF039 departs for Paris at 4:40 pm. This service is operated in partnership with Delta.
  • Air France offers up to 2 daily flights between the U.S. and French capitals. The flight schedules enable passengers to benefit from rapid connections at Paris-Charles de Gaulle to the rest of the world.
  • All runways at Dulles can accommodate the A380. Runway 1R/19L is preferred due to its proximity to the gate.

Airport Modifications

  • Dulles was originally planned to handle large aircraft so very few modifications were needed.
  • We began working on the modifications after a successful A380 “proving flight” at Dulles in 2007.
  • A new ramp structure was built outside the concourse building and connected to a new boarding bridge for the upper level of the aircraft.
  • A new hydrant fuel pit was installed at the gate to enhance the ground servicing of the aircraft.
  • Minor taxiway modifications included relocation of some lights and signs and the widening of some taxiway shoulders.
  • A new centerline was painted from the taxilane leading up to the gate so the aircraft can turn smoothly into its parking position.
  • Our International Arrivals Building was expanded to accommodate growth in International traffic to Dulles.



  • The Air France A380 offers several new features: a quieter cabin, six bars divided between the two decks and additional space and comfort.
  • The 516 passengers on board Air France’s A380 enjoy more comfort and space, whichever cabin they are traveling in: La Première/First Class on the upper deck (9 seats), Affaires/Business Class (80 seats) and Premium Voyageur/Premium Economy (38 seats) on the upper deck and the Voyageur/Economy cabin, located on both decks (389 seats including 46 on the upper deck).
  • An environmentally-friendly aircraft with reduced CO2 emissions and the quietest aircraft in its category.