The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s top priority is the safety and security of all people on airport property. To ensure no disruptions to airport operations and to accommodate limited public assemblies on airport property, the Airports Authority has issues a series of regulations and rules that address demonstrations, the distribution of materials, the solicitation of money and similar gatherings and activities on the airports.

Part 7 of the Regulations of MWAA – Solicitation, Sale of Printed Material, Demonstrations, Distribution of Literature View Online PDF Copy
Orders & Instructions No. 7-6-1 – Non-Commercial Sale and Distribution of Printed Material, Solicitaion of Money and Demonstrations View Online PDF Copy
Orders & Instructions No. 8-1-3 – Rules of Conduct Policy for the Airport Terminals and Concourse Facilities View Online PDF Copy

These regulations and rules require that permits be obtained for such gatherings and activities, describe how permits may be obtained, define certain forms of conduct that may not occur in the course of such gatherings and activities, and identify specific locations on the airports where the gathering and activities may occur.

Washington Dulles International Airport Permit Application Apply Online PDF Form
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Permit Application Apply Online PDF Form

Any organizations and individuals wishing to engage in the type of gatherings and activities described above should contact Airport Operations for details on the Airports Authority’s regulations and rules, as well as the specific locations where the gatherings and activities may take place. All correspondence related to expressive activities should be addressed to the appropriate Airport email address listed below, including completed, signed and scanned PDF permit application submissions.

Washington Dulles International Airport Email (703) 572-2730
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Email (703) 417-8050

The Airports Authority will work with organizations and individuals to ensure that their gatherings and related activities take place in appropriate areas and are properly managed to ensure the safety of event participants, while maintaining the integrity of all airport operations.

Washington Dulles International Airport Map
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Map

For media inquiries related to expressive activities at Dulles International Airport and Reagan National Airport, please contact MWAA Public Affairs.