Uniforms and equipment are provided

$120 allowance for footwear yearly

Weight management incentives and gym membership reimbursement

Tuition assistance for approved academic programs

Performance Based Pay Increases

  • Annual pay raises are based on a Merit Pay for Performance (MPP) Program.

Overtime / Shift Differential

  • Time and a half for hours worked beyond normal duty hours
  • $2.00 per hour for night shift differential
  • 25% Sunday premium pay (midnight shift receives double the premium pay if both Saturday and Sunday are worked)
  • Holiday pay is twice the hourly rate.

Pay Differential for Voluntary Programs

  • Explosive Detector Dog Handlers receive an additional $160 per pay period
  • Field Training Officers receive additional compensation for each day that they mentor a new officer
  • Special response Team receive an additional $50 per pay period 

Annual Leave

  • 13 days per year during the first three years of service
  • 19 ½ days per year after three years of service
  • 26 days per year after 15 years of service

Sick Leave

  • 13 days per year

Military Leave

  • The department fully supports individuals who are serving in the Military Reserve or the National Guard
  • Individuals receive 15 days paid military leave yearly
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