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Bonds issued by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority may be purchased in the primary or secondary market from brokers. When the Airports Authority offers a new issue of bonds, there usually is a retail order period that is advertised to the public. Bonds are offered only by the related official statement, copies of which are available from your broker. You should consult your investment advisor for further details. Commissions and fees vary by firms. The Airports Authority is not permitted to provide investment advice. The Securities and Exchange Commission regulates securities firms, financial markets and investment advisors.

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s fixed-rate bonds are generally issued in $5,000 denominations as fully registered in book-entry bonds, without physical certificates or coupons. Bond transactions are recorded in electronic computerized book entry form by the Depository Trust Company ("DTC"), a New York limited purpose trust company and member of the Federal Reserve System. DTC is a registered clearing agency under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and holds securities for participants. Direct participants include securities brokers and dealers, banks, trust companies, clearing corporations, and certain other organizations. Purchase of the book entry bonds under the DTC system must be made by or through the direct participants who will receive a credit for the bonds on DTCs computerized records. The direct or indirect participants are in turn responsible for keeping accurate records of their individual clients' holdings and issuing written transaction confirmations and periodic account statements to the individual clients. Under this system individual bondholders do not receive physical certificates representing their ownership of the bonds, but should receive account statements of their holdings from their securities broker.

For additional bond and disclosure information, please visit Digital Assurance Certification (DAC) and Municipal Securities Ruling Board EMMA Dataport.

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There are no offerings at this time