Dulles Construction Update

Published: July 06, 2004


Construction Tower

Today James E. Bennett, President and CEO of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority updated the media on the d2 construction program underway at Washington Dulles International Airport.

Said Mr. Bennett, "It is fortunate that we embarked on this expansion program at Dulles in recent years in light of the increase in passengers we see each day and the expected dramatic growth by the end of the summer. It is very important that we continue to invest in our airport facilities to keep our region well-served by the aviation industry."

Mr. Bennett provided an overview of the major construction projects underway at Dulles which include:

  • An automated airport train system which will run underground and connect the Terminal with the concourses and replace the Mobile Lounges currently in use.
  • The train station and new security area, which will be, located underground in the Terminal.
  • A new Airport Traffic Control Tower, which will rise 325 feet, located at the south end of the airfield and will be operational in 2006.
  • A pedestrian tunnel with moving walkways that will open at the end of this year to give passengers an alternative to the Mobile Lounges when traveling to Concourse B.
  • The reconstruction of one of the three airport runways, which will be completed in mid-August.
  • The site for two additional runways, the first of which will be built by 2008.

The media was also given an airfield tour to view these projects.

The d2, "Dulles Development" program has been underway since 2000 and is midway in this $3 billion construction program.



Underground Walkway