New York Shuttles Change Location at National Airport

Published: February 01, 1998



Alexandria, VA— Starting on Sunday, February 1st, the shuttles between New York’s LaGuardia Airport and Washington National Airport will move from Terminal A at National Airport into the new terminal.

Delta Air Lines and US Airways operate shuttles to New York from Washington.

The Delta Shuttle will move to the B Concourse with the other Delta Gates and likewise the US Airways Shuttle will move to the C Concourse and the north pier that houses the US Airways gates.

The ticket counters for the shuttles will be located on the Concourse level of the terminal unlike the other ticketing facilities on the upper level. This provides shuttle passengers a check-in area adjacent to the security check point and the entrance to the piers where the aircraft gates are located.

This move will provide direct access to the pedestrian bridges to the Metro for shuttle passengers without a need to change levels unless passengers have checked baggage.