Public Notice February 12, 2016

Published: February 04, 2016

Washington Dulles International Airport

Final Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact for

A New Fuel and Convenience Concession Site is now available for public review

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is constructing a new, larger fuel and convenience facility to replace the current concession.  The proposed facility will be located near the intersection of Rudder Road and Ariane Way, directly across Ariane Way from the existing fuel and convenience concession facility, which will be decommissioned.  This site is a previously disturbed area that provides adequate space to build all new fuel and convenience facilities, and is located in a convenient and easily accessible location to both incoming and outgoing airport traffic. The proposed fuel and convenience concession site will provide critical services and products to air passengers, employees, patrons of other airport services, and other service providers.   

In conformance with the National Environmental Policy Act, the Airports Authority has prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) document to address the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project.  After careful consideration of the information contained in the Final EA, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has determined that significant environmental effects will not result from the proposed action.  Therefore, the FAA has issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).

Beginning February 12, 2016, copies of the Final EA and FONSI are being made available for public review at the following libraries: Sterling Library (120 Enterprise St., Sterling, VA), Chantilly Regional Library (4000 Stringfellow Rd., Chantilly, VA), and Centreville Regional Library (1400 St. Germain Dr., Centreville, VA).  Copies of the Final EA and FONSI are also available for review, by appointment, at the FAA Washington Airports District Office, 23723 Air Freight Lane, Dulles, VA, (703) 661-1365, and at the Airport Manager’s Office located on the baggage claim level of the Main Terminal at Washington Dulles International Airport (703) 572-2710.

Please direct any questions regarding the Final EA and FONSI to Erik Schwenke, Planning Department, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, One Aviation Circle, Ronald Washington National Airport, Washington, DC 20001-6000, or by e-mail to