Reagan National Airport Advises Community of Planned Landing and Takeoff of Military-Style Fighter Jet

Published: September 12, 2014



The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is informing and assuring the surrounding community that an upcoming landing and takeoff of a “Scorpion” military-style fighter jet aircraft at Reagan National Airport is a planned activity and does not represent any threat to public safety. The plane is being flown to the airport by a private company for marketing purposes.

The aircraft is scheduled to land on Saturday, Sept. 13, at about 10:45 a.m. (updated time) and take off from the airport on Saturday, Sept. 20 (updated day/date), at 10 a.m. The flights have been approved by the airport and appropriate federal authorities. The aircraft will not have any weaponry attached while in flight. The operation of airline flights at the Reagan National is not expected to be interrupted or delayed by this activity.

The “Scorpion” is a prototype aircraft being marketed by Textron AirLand, LLC. Visit this website for additional photographs and information about the aircraft. There will be no public viewing events during the plane’s visit to Reagan National, and it will be stored in a closed facility while on the ground.

The media contact at Textron AirLand is David Sylvestre at 401-457-2362.