75-cent increase at main toll plaza, 50-cent increase on ramps

This is an image of the Dulles Toll Road.


Effective January 1, 2023, the toll rate for passenger vehicles at the Main Toll Plaza on the Dulles Toll Road will increase to $4.00 at the main toll plaza and $2.00 at ramp plazas.   

New Toll Rates Effective January 1, 2023  

Vehicle Type  

Main Toll Plaza  

On/Off Ramps  

2 Axles  



3 Axles  



4 Axles  



5 Axles  



6 or More Axles  




The 2023 toll increase was approved by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority board of directors following a public comment period in 2022. Public hearings on the proposed toll increase were held in July. Exhibits can be viewed here, and a report on public comments is posted here. Strategic debt management and refinancing efforts have kept toll rates lower than original projections through the years. 

Rates on the Dulles Toll Road have not increased since January 1, 2019. Toll revenue is utilized, in accordance with a long-standing plan of finance, to fund Toll Road operating and maintenance costs plus a portion of construction costs for Metrorail’s Silver Line, which began service to Dulles International Airport on November 15, 2022.  

Funding of the Metrorail project is governed by an agreement between the Airports Authority and partners in Fairfax and Loudoun counties, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the federal government. Based on the current portfolio of toll road revenue bonds, debt service obligations are projected through 2058, with modest toll rate increases expected every five years.  

Under an agreement with the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Airports Authority assumed responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the Dulles Toll Road for a 50-year period beginning in November 2008. For more information about the Dulles Toll Road and the rate setting process, visit www.dullestollroad.com.