The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority announces a new easy way to pay for parking at Washington Dulles International Airport. The new system, called Pay & Go will be available starting October 8th.

Said James A. Wilding, President/CEO of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, "The new system will allow travelers to pay for parking inside the Terminal, using automated machines and exit the parking lots more quickly and easily. It's part of our continuing effort to make using our Washington airports as convenient as possible for our customers."

Initially, drivers will be able to use this new automated system in the Daily Parking Garage and in the Hourly Parking Lot located in front of the Terminal.

The Economy Parking Lots will be outfitted with the new system by the end of the year and the second new garage will offer the system when it opens in 2003.

Starting on October 8th, drivers who park in the Daily Garage or the Hourly Lot will be able to take their parking ticket with them and use the Pay & Go payment machines in the Terminal as they exit the building.

Pay & Go Machines are located in the lower level of the Terminal near the east and west exit doors. There are also two machines on the pedestrian bridge, which connects the Terminal to the Daily Parking Garage.

The machines accept the following U.S. currency: $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills. The machines also accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card and Diners Club credit cards.

Once the customer pays the ticket in the Pay & Go machine in the terminal, a new ticket will be provided. That ticket will be inserted in one of the machines at the special Pay & Go lanes at the exit plaza of the parking facilities, and the customer will not have to stop at a cashier booth.

Drivers will be introduced to the Pay & Go service by signs placed throughout the parking facilities and in the Terminal. Easy-to-find Pay & Go machines in the Terminal will be staffed the first few months that the service begins to assist drivers who wish to use the machines.