January 18 Board and Committee Meetings

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Board of Directors


January 18, 2012


8:30 AM EST
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8:30 a.m. Executive and Governance Committee Meeting1
(Materials in Tab A)
Regular Session
I. Proposed Governance Changes Tab A-1 
  Greg Wolfe Quince Brinkley  
II. Establishment of the Nominations Committee Tab A-2 
  Greg Wolfe    
Executive Session2
III. Briefing on a Personnel Issue Oral
  Phil Sunderland    
9:00 a.m. Finance Committee Meeting
(Materials in Tab B)
I. Information Paper to Exercise the Third Option Year for Airport Consultant Services Tab B-1
  Andy Rountree    
II. November 2011 Financial Report for the Aviation Enterprise Fund Tab B-2 
  Andy Rountree    
III. Financial Advisors’ Report – Aviation Enterprise Tab B-3 
  Ken Gibbs Jefferies  
  Andy Rountree    
IV. Financial Advisors’ Report – Dulles Corridor Enterprise Tab B-4 
  Michael Wheet Frasca & Associates, LLC  
  Jim Taylor Mercator Advisors, LLC  
  Bryan Grote Mercator Advisors, LLC  
  Andy Rountree    
9:30 a.m. Special Joint Finance and Dulles Corridor Committee Meeting
(Materials in Tab C)
I. Recommendation for Consideration of Private Financing Proposals in the Design-Build Procurement
for Phase 2 of the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project
Tab C-1 
  Andy Rountree    
  Jim Taylor Mercator Advisors, LLC  
  Michael Wheet Frasca & Associates, LLC  
10:00 a.m. Dulles Corridor Committee Meeting
(Materials in Tab D)
I. Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project Phase 1 Monthly Cost Summary and Project Update Tab D-1
  Frank Holly Pat Nowakowski  
II. November 2011 Financial Report – Dulles Corridor Enterprise Tab D-2 
  Andy Rountree    
III. Recommendation to Revise the Dulles Toll Road Highway Traffic Noise Policy Tab D-3 
  Frank Holly Steve Smith  
IV. Metrorail Project Phase 2 Value Engineering Update Tab D-4
  Frank Holly Pat Nowakowski  
V. Pre-Solicitation Paper for Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project Phase 2 Tab D-5 
  Pat Nowakowski Steve Baker  
  Phil Sunderland    
11:00 a.m. Business Administration Committee Meeting
(Materials in Tab E)
I. Proposed Contracting Manual Changes to Support Phase 2 Design-Build Procurements Tab E-1 
  Steve Baker Fred Seitz  
II. Small Business Opportunities Report Tab E-2 
  Steve Baker Richard Gordon  
III. Recommendation to Award a Contract for Taxicab Dispatch at Reagan National Tab E-4 
  Paul Malandrino    
IV. Pre-solicitation Paper for Lease of Vacant Rental Car Facility at Dulles International Tab E-5 
  Chris Browne    
V. Recommendation for Airport Shuttle Bus Procurement at both Airports Tab E-6
  Paul Malandrino Chris Browne  
VI. Recommendation to Award the Airside Snow Removal and Ice Control Services Contract at Dulles International Tab E-7 
  Chris Browne    
VII. Recommendation to Award Two Contracts to Purchase Multi-Function Snow Removal Equipment
for Dulles International
Tab E-8 
  Chris Browne    
VIII. Pre-Solicitation Terms for Airport Telecommunications Contract Tab E-9 
  Merrill Phelan    

Downlaod the full Schedule and Agenda document. 

1 All meeting times are approximate. The meetings may begin earlier or later than the scheduled times.

2 Pursuant to Article IX, Section 3(a) of the Airports Authority Bylaws which permits the Board and its Committees to move into executive session to consider personnel matters, such as employment, appointment, assignment, promotion, demotion, performance appraisal, discipline, resignation, salaries and benefits, and interviews of Directors, officers, and employees of the Authority, and applicants for the same.