× Important information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Last Updated: June 09, 2021 10:51 EDT

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Traveler Update on Coronavirus

× Important information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Last Updated: June 09, 2021 10:51 EDT

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Traveler Update on Coronavirus

Media Information

Media inquiries regarding any aspect of airport operations, concessions, parking, or public safety should be directed initially to the Media Relations Office at the Airports Authority. This includes requests to cover any news stories which may take place at Reagan National or Dulles International Airport.

Contact Information for Media Inquiries

  • Business Hours: (703) 417-8370. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • After Hours: Please submit a request for contact online, including a brief description of the nature of your request. Links to emergency and non-emergency contact forms are available as well.

A Media Relations representative will assist the media by providing information about the Airports Authority and the operations of Reagan National and Washington Dulles International Airports. The Authority website provides an extensive amount of information as well.

We will make every effort to work within the media deadlines. However, we ask that you give us ample time, particularly when requesting an interview or detailed information that might require some research.

News Releases

News releases may be issued to describe changes in services, airport construction, notices to travelers during severe weather, etc. A list of the wire services, local newspapers, television and radio outlets is used to send releases by email. Please advise a Media Relations staff member if you would like to be placed on our email list or if your contact information changes.

Press Conferences

When the Airports Authority has a major announcement that will affect travelers, or would like to draw the public's attention to an issue of importance at the airports, a news conference may be called. Advance media advisories will be issued to alert you of the upcoming event and press releases and other material will be provided at the event.

Press Conferences by External Organizations 

Press conferences are considered demonstrations, as described in section 7.2 of Airports Authority Regulations, and are allowed only with appropriate permits as laid out in the regulation. Space is available for rent at each airport, which may be used for hosting events, including press conferences. Please contact the airport manager’s office for information about renting space at the airport. The Airports Authority may host or sponsor events, including press conferences, in compliance with our Contributions Policy. To inquire about gaining Airports Authority sponsorship, please contact the Office of Communications at 703-417-8745.

Interview Requests

All requests for interviews with Airports Authority representatives should be made in advance to the Media Relations Office. We will try to provide a spokesperson who can best address the topic of the interview. Requests to film at the airports should be made to the Media Relations Office. If no one is available in the Media Relations office (such as after hours), please contact Airport Operations. Remember, security restrictions are critical to airport safety and will take top priority in every instance.

Airport Jurisdictions

Certain airport operations fall under the jurisdiction of different agencies working within the airport. The media is requested to go through the appropriate agency public affairs department for interviews and information.

Aircraft Operations/Air Traffic Control

  • FAA - The Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for air traffic control at each airport. Inquiries about aircraft operations or delays in the air traffic system should be directed to the FAA Eastern Region Public Affairs Office at 718-553-3010

Aircraft/Airline Issues

  • Individual airlines are responsible for issues relating to that particular airline: labor issues, on-time performance, flight schedules, baggage issues, weather delays, etc. Airlines for America maintains a list of airline media contacts.

Airport Security

  • Airport security is a highly confidential subject. Authority policy is to limit the information made public regarding security procedures used by airport and federal personnel. Standards are established by the Transportation Security Administration and implemented by airport and federal personnel. For more information regarding airport security, contact TSA Public Affairs at 571-227-2829.

Airport Operations

  • The Airports Authority is responsible for daily operation of the airports. Issues pertaining to terminal operations, runway closures, air service, parking, construction, etc. should be directed to the Airports Authority Media Relations Office at 703-417-8370.