Reagan National Airport Offers Art and Exhibits for Travelers

Published: August 02, 2000



Travelers and visitors to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport can find an array of eye-catching exhibits to explore in the terminals.

In addition to the permanent art which is part of the architecture of Terminal B/C which displays the work of thirty local and national artists, there are three separate art displays and a permanent historical exhibit available to the public.

In Terminal A, the historic 1941 original Airport Terminal, the Exhibit Hall presents two permanent displays.

The Exhibit Hall is located in a portion of the restored former Dining Room of the original terminal.

Along with the archeological display in the Hall is another display on the design and development of the airport itself and the early airlines that served the Washington area.

The archeological display includes artifacts discovered on the site of the former Colonial plantation (where the airport now stands) called Abingdon. Abingdon was the home of George Washington's granddaughter and other prominent families in the area.

There is also a display on this history of National Airport The lobby below the Exhibit Hall also features a display of aerial photographs dating from 1938 to 1998 which show the development of the airport over the years.

Terminal A also provides a widely varied offering of art with three different exhibits.

The Continental Airlines gate area, located between Terminal B and Terminal A features an unusual display called the Flight Centennial Collection which blends aviation technology with art to commemorate the 100thanniversary of powered flight that will be celebrated in 2003.


Art 2000
The Flight Centennial Collection art commemorates the 100th anniversary of powered flight and is currently on display near the Continental Airlines gates at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

The works of art are made of structural components, fabric and metals from both contemporary and vintage aircraft.


The hallway in Terminal A leading to the gates for Northwest, ATA, Midway and TWA Airlines contains a display of art sponsored by the Friends of the Torpedo Factory Art Center which is located in Alexandria, Virginia. The range of art includes paintings, pottery, jewelry and clothing and is for sale. The display changes quarterly.

Finally, a display of art by the students from Carl Sandburg Middle School in Fairfax County, Virginia, hangs on the walls of the space formerly occupied by American Airlines which moved to Terminal B/C.

These displays, along with the airport restaurants and shops offer travelers options for spending their time at the airport.