Strategic Development Committee

The information below represents the jurisdiction of this committee.

Airlines:  Reviews and makes recommendations to the Board regarding contracts and leases, including the Airport Use Agreement and Premises Lease.

Air Service:  Sets policy and provides oversight for:

  • Development and marketing of the Airports;
  • Tourism; and
  • Reagan National restrictions (slots, perimeter rule and other statutory/regulatory restrictions).

Construction:  Sets policy and provides oversight (excluding the Dulles Toll Road) for:

  • Capital Construction Program;
  • Construction management;
  • Environmental issues;
  • Facilities development; and
  • Historic preservation (excluding issues related to the Metrorail project).

Reviews and makes recommendations to the Board for construction management and design services contracts over $3M in annual spending.

Master Plans: Reviews and approves Airport master plans changes, including amendments to layout plans.

Noise: Sets policy and provides oversight for general noise-related issues.

Reviews and makes recommendations to the Board regarding such regulations.

Real Property: Sets policy and provides oversight regarding the development and other uses of Authority property.

Reviews and makes recommendation on transactions (including land acquisition and disposal of Authority property and easements) to the Board, except as related to the Toll Road and Metrorail project, see Dulles Corridor Committee.

Regulations: Reviews and makes recommendations to the Board on regulations except for areas specifically within the jurisdiction of other committees.

Strategic Plans: Sets policy and provides oversight on Authority strategic framework--purpose, mission, values, goals, objectives, strategic initiatives, business plan activities, and performance measurements and evaluation (e.g., “cockpit report”).