The mission of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s Fire Code Enforcement Division is to prevent the inception of fire and hazardous conditions through timely and professional educational, enforcement, inspection, investigative and plans review efforts essential to the safety and wellbeing of all airport employees and the traveling public.

This is accomplished by seven personnel who are trained and certified to enforce a variety of fire prevention regulations to include the Statewide Fire Prevention Code.  Additionally, Fire Marshals provide coverage 24 hours a day to respond to and investigate code compliance, fire, explosive and environmental incidents. 

Key aspects of the mission include: Investigation into the origin and cause of fire and explosive related incidents within the Airport Authority’s jurisdiction, as well as offenses related to threats to burn and/or destroy airport property.  Investigation into the release of hazardous materials and explosives.  Proactive public fire and life safety prevention programs through education and training.  Rapid and professional emergency response to investigate incidents.  Reduction of fire risk within the airport community through inspections of airport tenants and Airports Authority owned buildings and property. Fire Code Inspectors will inspect for common fire prevention code violations.  Plans review of fire alarm, sprinkler and other fire protection system design related documents.  Provide fire protection systems testing.

The minimum qualifications to be a member of the Fire Code Enforcement Division are governed by the State of Virginia, Code of Virginia §27-30 for investigators and the Code of Virginia § 27-98.1 for inspectors.  Initial investigator training is over 160 hours with 40 hours of recertification every two years.  Initial training for inspectors is 160 hours with 16 hours recertification every two years. This training ensures that all members of the division are capable of providing comprehensive services to the employees and traveling public of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

Fire Code Enforcement Division 


Fire Marshal / Battalion Chief


Eric Patterson
Office:  703-572-5110

Mailing Address:  1 Aviation Circle,   Washington, DC 20001
Physical Address:  45045 Aviation Drive, Suite 100,  Dulles, VA 20166


   Fire Inspectors

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)

Mailing Address:  1 Aviation Circle, Washington, DC 20001

Physical Address:  1003 South Fire Station Road, Washington, DC 20001

Calvin Walden
Office:  703-417-8365
Everett Burris
Office:  703-417-2570


Washington Dulles International Airport​ (IAD)

Mailing Address:  1 Aviation Circle, Washington, DC 20001

Physical Address:  45045 Aviation Drive, Suite 100, Dulles, VA 20166

Office:  703-572-0167
Kenneth Scott
Office:  703-572-1141
Lee Wilson
Office:  703-572-5736




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