General Information

Information for the media regarding media coverage of and at the airports

Media inquiries regarding any aspect of airport operations, concessions, parking, or public safety should be directed initially to the Media Relations Office at the Airports Authority. This includes requests to cover any news stories which may take place at Reagan National or Dulles International Airport.

Press Conferences

When the Airports Authority has a major announcement that will affect travelers, or would like to draw the public's attention to an issue of importance at the airports, a news conference may be called. Advance media advisories will be issued to alert you of the upcoming event and press releases and other material will be provided at the event.

Press Conferences by External Organizations 

Press conferences are considered demonstrations, as described in section 7.2 of Airports Authority Regulations, and are allowed only with appropriate permits as laid out in the regulation. Space is available for rent at each airport, which may be used for hosting events, including press conferences. Please contact the airport manager’s office for information about renting space at the airport. The Airports Authority may host or sponsor events, including press conferences, in compliance with our Contributions Policy. To inquire about gaining Airports Authority sponsorship, please contact the Office of Communications at 703-417-8745.

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