Award Information

New Contract Awards - Includes contracts for projects awarded in the past two months. This list includes all projects which were solicited through the Airports Authority website, as well as other awards valued at over $50,000.

Upcoming Awards - It typically takes between two and four weeks for solicitations which are evaluated and awarded on a price-only basis (i.e. most construction and goods projects) to be awarded after responses have been received. Solicitations which are evaluated on technical factors in addition to price (i.e. architectural & engineering, concessions, and service projects) usually take one or more months to be awarded due to the evaluation process.

Anticipated Sole Source Awards - A list of sole source contracts with an estimated value of over $50,000 which the Airports Authority anticipates awarding in the near future. In cases where the anticipated value does not exceed $200,000, notices will be posted a minimum of 15 calendar days prior to the anticipated contract award date. When the award value is anticipated to exceed $200,000, the notice will be posted for a minimum of 15 calendar days, after which it will be submitted to the Airports Authority’s Board of Directors for approval of the award.