Real-time arrival and/or departure flight information enhances the traveling experience. The Airports Authority offers managed displays that meet airline standards and are consistent with the airport branding. Now, our tenants can provide a reliable source of information to their customers when they need it.


  • Centrally managed data distribution system
  • Display screens available in a range of sizes
  • Delivery, installation, and configuration of display screen
  • Ability for airlines to manage their users and user access permissions
  • Secure access with the ability to revoke user access without MWAA intervention
  • Enhanced security features, such as restricting functionality to on-premises only


  • Flight Information Display System (FIDS) at lounges, restaurants, or other areas
  • Gate Information Display System (GIDS) at arrival and departure gates
  • Ticket Counter Backdrops for a bold digital medium to brand the airline at the check-in counter area and assist passengers with wayfinding
  • Wireless, physical, or cellular connection options available

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