The Airports Authority has recently awarded the following contracts and purchase orders:

Tier-2 Concourse (East) Design-Build, IAD NEW 
Solicitation Information: RFP-22-23400a; Issued 09/28/2022; Responses Received 12/02/2022
Award Information: Contract SC-23-00019; Awarded 03/15/2023
Award Amount: $595,000,000.00
Contractor Name: Turner Construction Corp.

A/E Design Services for Small Projects, DCA, IAD & DTR UPDATED 
Solicitation Information: RFQI-22-28580; Issued 02/28/2023
Notice: RFQI-22-28580 was cancelled effective 03/17/2022.

Terrazzo Floor Repairs, DCA & IAD UPDATED 
Solicitation Information: IFB-22-27280a; Issued 02/09/2023; Responses Received 03/09/2023
Notice: IFB-22-27280a was cancelled effective 03/13/2022. A revised solicitation has been issued.

Payroll Tax and Garnishment Payment and Reporting Services UPDATED 
Solicitation Information: RFQ-22-28298; Issued 02/14/2023; Responses Received 03/03/2023
Notice: RFQ-22-28298 was cancelled effective 03/09/2022. A revised solicitation has been issued.

Central Plant Generator Tube Replacement, DCA UPDATED 
Solicitation Information: IFB-22-23601a; Issued 01/12/2023; Responses Received 02/08/2023
Notice: IFB-22-23601a was cancelled effective 02/16/2022. 

Ground Transportation Curbside Management Services, DCA & IAD NEW 
Solicitation Information: RFP-22-23132; Issued 08/19/2022; Responses Received 10/06/2022
Award Information: Contract SC-23-00006; Awarded 02/16/2023
Award Amount: $430,500.00
Contractor Name: Technical & Professional Services, Inc.
Contact Person: Donna G. Brock

Custodial Services, IAD NEW 
Solicitation Information: RFP-21-23334a; Issued 09/01/2022; Responses Received 10/20/2022
Award Information: Contract SC-23-00011; Awarded 02/16/2023
Award Amount: $40,479,828.40
Contractor Name: Cleaners of America, Inc.
Contact Person: Paul Mederos, 703-946-1580

Preformed Thermoplastic Paint Markings, IAD NEW 
Solicitation Information: IFB-22-23118; Issued 08/23/2022; Responses Received 10/12/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12997; Awarded 02/15/2023
Award Amount: $454,447.00
Contractor Name: Hi-Lite Airfield Services, LLC
Contact Person: Logan Marolf, 315-583-6111 x243

At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits, DCA NEW - SPLIT AWARD 
Solicitation Information: RFQ-22-28871; Issued 12/23/2022; Responses Received 01/13/2023
Award Information: Contract PO-23-10386; Awarded: 02/10/2023
Award Amount: $50,400.00
Contractor Name: Quantgene, Inc.
Contact Person: Joel Lesher, 816-560-5244

Award Information: Contract PO-23-10289; Awarded: 02/03/2023 
Award Amount: $1,190.00
Contractor Name: LumiQuick Diagnostics, Inc.
Contact Person: David Redlener, 914-462-8237

Custodial Services, DTR NEW 
Solicitation Information: RFP-22-21867; Issued 09/21/2022; Responses Received 11/02/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-23-10313; Awarded 02/10/2023
Award Amount: $184,480.00
Contractor Name: JSD Cleaning Services, Inc.
Contact Person: John Daniels, 301-646-2399

ID Badge Supplies, IAD & DCA NEW 
Solicitation Information: RFQ-22-28046; Issued 12/29/2022; Responses Received 01/16/2023
Award Information: Contract SC-23-00009; Awarded 02/07/2023
Award Amount: $29,327.30
Contractor Name: Symbology DC, LLC
Contact Person: Barry Jerrels, 202-487-0095

Plane-Mate Front and Rear Canopies, IAD NEW 
Solicitation Information: IFB-22-22792; Issued 09/23/2022; Responses Received 10/27/2022
Award Information: Contract SC-23-00010; Awarded 02/06/2023
Award Amount: $151,600.00
Contractor Name: Conception D. Bedard, Inc.
Contact Person: Marc Depelteau, 450-679-7704

Wayfinding Solution NEW 
Solicitation Information: IFB-22-24496; Issued 09/26/2022; Bids Received 10/21/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-23-10202; Awarded 02/01/2023
Award Amount: $197,100.00
Contractor Name: Pointr USA Limited
Contact Person: Scott Berkley, 978-360-3807

Erosion and Sediment Control Inspections, DCA NEW 
Solicitation Information: RFQ-22-24692a; Issued 12/19/2022; Responses Received 01/04/2023
Award Information: Contract PO-23-10130; Awarded 01/17/2023
Award Amount: $64,087.00
Contractor Name: Environmental Management Services, Inc.

Amazon Web Services
Solicitation Information: IFB-22-25476; Issued 11/07/2022; Bids Received 12/09/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-13118; Awarded 12/30/2022
Award Amount: $95,896.00
Contractor Name: Ascending, Inc.
Contact Person: Endrees Saljuki, 703-589-7931

Immigration Counsel Legal Services
Solicitation Information: RFP-22-20940; Issued 09/15/2022; Proposals Received 10/28/2022
Award Information: Contract SC-22-00046; Awarded 12/29/2022
Award Amount: $50,600.00
Contractor Name: Robinson, Kirlew & Associates PC
Contact Person: Myrtle Robinson Kirlew, 301-614-3330

Promotional Exams for Public Safety Personnel
Solicitation Information: RFP-22-21885; Issued 09/08/2022; Proposals Received 10/13/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12975; Awarded 12/16/2022
Award Amount: $400,000.00
Contractor Name: Emergency Services Consulting International
Contact Person: Jennifer Flaig, 703-506-9400

Feeder Cable Wire, IAD
Solicitation Information: RFQ-22-25750; Issued 10/20/2022; Responses Received 11/03/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12799; Awarded: 12/15/2022
Award Amount: $48,996.00
Contractor Name: Ideal Electrical Supply Corporation
Contact Person: Sherida Jones, 202-556-6030

Vactor Services, DTR
Solicitation Information: RFQ-22-23110; Issued 09/29/2022; Responses Received 11/04/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12733; Awarded: 12/08/2022
Award Amount: $90,640.00
Contractor Name: Quality Pipe Cleaning Company, Inc.
Contact Person: Eric Tyler, 703-641-0111

Safety Training and Consulting Services
Solicitation Information: RFP-22-20313a; Issued 07/06/2022; Proposals Received 07/27/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12726; Awarded 12/02/2022
Award Amount: $570,313.00
Contractor Name: Aerosol Monitoring & Analysis, Inc.
Contact Person: Todd M. Woerner, 410-684-3327

Pipe Hunter Boss Sewer Cleaner, Sewer Jet Trailer, DCA
Solicitation Information: RFQ-22-25898; Issued 09/28/2022; Responses Received 10/14/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12663; Awarded: 12/01/2022
Award Amount: $72,598.00
Contractor Name: Atlantic Machinery, Inc.
Contact Person: Trevor Gardner, 301-585-0800

Rubber and Paint Removal Services, IAD
Solicitation Information: RFP-22-22120; Issued 08/31/2022; Proposals Received 09/22/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12837; Awarded 12/01/2022
Award Amount: Not-to-Exceed $263,000.00
Contractor Name: Inland Technologies International LTD
Contact Person: Brian Leuck, 571-361-3141

Rehabilitate Runways 1-19 & 15-33 and Associated Taxiways, DCA 
Solicitation Information: RFP-21-25002; Issued 08/16/2022; Proposals Received 09/29/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12529; Awarded 11/30/2022
Award Amount: $94,395,692.00
Contractor Name: Lagan Construction, LLC
Contact Person: Donald K. Bloodworth, 703-986-0319

Bulk Sodium Chloride Road Salt, IAD & DTR
Solicitation Information: IFB-22-22288a; Issued 08/16/2022; Bids Received 09/07/2022
Award Information: Contract SC-22-00044; Awarded 11/23/2022
Award Amount: $809,100.00
Contractor Name: Eastern Salt Company, Inc.
Contact Person: Jason Archambault, 978-251-8553

Mobile Device Geolocation Data Subscription UPDATED 
Solicitation Information: RFQ-22-24120a; Issued 10/13/2022; Responses Received 10/28/2022
Notice: RFQ-22-24120a was cancelled effective 11/22/2022. 

Stanley Best Security Locks and Hardware, DCA & IAD
Solicitation Information: RFQ-22-22529; Issued 08/31/2022; Responses Received 09/14/2022
Award Information: Contract SC-22-00032; Awarded 11/16/2022
Award Amount: $94,918.00
Contractor Name: Independent Hardware, Inc.
Contact Person: Franco Stanco, 800-346-9464 x605

FlowTek Valves, DCA
Solicitation Information: RFQ-22-26222; Issued 09/28/2022; Responses Received 10/07/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12702; Awarded 11/10/2022
Award Amount: $57,457.00
Contractor Name: Technology International, Inc.
Contact Person: Shaji Habib, 407-359-2373

Bridge Repairs and Miscellaneous Enhancements, DTR
Solicitation Information: IFB-21-27256; Issued 04/14/2022; Bids Received 06/08/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12296; Awarded 11/10/2022
Award Amount: $2,831,975.00
Contractor Name: Fort Myer Construction Corporation
Contact Person: Manuel Fernandes, 202-636-9535

Roadway Wayfinding Master Plan Sign Material, DCA
Solicitation Information: RFQ-22-23574b; Issued 09/29/2022; Responses Received 10/07/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-11452; Awarded 11/08/2022
Award Amount: $53,780.00
Contractor Name: Grimco, Inc.
Contact Person: Michael Song, 800-542-9941 x5705

Task Architectural/Engineering/Planning Services, DCA & IAD UPDATED 
Solicitation Information: RFQI-22-20410; Issued 08/26/2022; Responses Received 10/14/2022
Notice: RFQI-22-20410 was cancelled effective 11/04/2022. A revised solicitation will be issued in the future.

AOA Security Gate Pop-up Barrier Maintenance, DCA & IAD
Solicitation Information: IFB-22-20268; Issued 05/06/2022; Proposals Received 06/08/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12614; Awarded 11/03/2022
Award Amount: $144,030.00
Contractor Name: Nasatka Barrier Incorporated
Contact Person: John F. Scolaro, 301-868-0300

Mobile Lounge/Plane Mate Machine Work/Parts Fabrication, IAD
Solicitation Information: IFB-21-25374; Issued 04/28/2022; Proposals Received 05/19/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12590; Awarded 11/03/2022
Award Amount: $152,520.00
Contractor Name: Metal Resources
Contact Person: Bill Baber, 703-915-3452

Airport Guest Information & Assistance Services, DCA & IAD
Solicitation Information: RFP-21-27888; Issued 04/04/2022; Proposals Received 05/12/2022
Award Information: Contract SC-22-00043; Awarded 10/31/2022
Award Amount: $2,415,684.00
Contractor Name: Travelers Aid International
Contact Person: Kathleen S. Baldwin, 619-985-3083

Inspection, Maintenance & Repair of Automotive Lifts, IAD
Solicitation Information: RFQ-22-24252; Issued 08/18/2022; Responses Received 09/02/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12368; Awarded 10/28/2022
Award Amount: $56,550.00
Contractor Name: Alan Tye & Associates
Contact Person: Megan Malone, 800-347-3440

Landscaping Maintenance Services, DTR
Solicitation Information: RFP-21-25975; Issued 01/24/2022; Proposals Received 03/09/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12110; Awarded 10/28/2022
Award Amount: $1,220,555.00
Contractor Name: Blake Landscapes, Inc.
Contact Person: Bradley Yurish, 703-777-5596

Electronic Security System Maintenance, DCA & IAD
Solicitation Information: RFP-21-24654; Issued 01/20/2022; Proposals Received 03/11/2022
Award Information: Contract SC-22-00029; Awarded 10/28/2022
Award Amount: $25,248,283.00
Contractor Name: MC Dean, Inc.
Contact Person: Julaine Simmons, 703-282-8336

Cybersecurity Penetration Testing Services UPDATED 
Solicitation Information: IFB-21-24829; Issued 11/02/2021; Proposals Received 01/13/2022; Bids Received 03/24/2022
Notice: IFB-21-24829 was cancelled effective 10/26/2022. 

Runway Deicer/Anti-Icer Fluid, DCA & IAD
Solicitation Information: IFB-22-21773; Issued 06/09/2022; Responses Received 07/29/2022
Award Information: Contract SC-22-00038; Awarded 10/26/2022
Award Amount: $2,057,250.00
Contractor Name: General Atomics Services Corporation
Contact Person: Amy Mahoney, 800-346-7237

HVAC Filters, DCA & IAD
Solicitation Information: IFB-22-21175; Issued 08/03/2022; Bids Received 09/08/2022
Award Information: Contract SC-22-00035; Awarded 10/26/2022
Award Amount: $417,710.00
Contractor Name: Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc.
Contact Person: Brain Laiti, 703-919-7832

Computer and IT Peripherals
Solicitation Information: IFB-21-22762; Issued 06/09/2022; Responses Received 08/04/2022
Award Information: Contract SC-22-00042; Awarded 10/26/2022
Award Amount: $427,900.00
Contractor Name: MVP, Inc.
Contact Person: Manual Rodrigues, 301-326-3435

Bulk Solid Street Deicer/Anti-Icer, DCA
Solicitation Information: IFB-22-22166; Issued 07/26/2022; Bids Received 09/01/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12364; Awarded 10/24/2022
Award Amount: $192,915.00
Contractor Name: General Atomics Services Corporation
Contact Person: Amy Mahoney, 800-346-7237

Hangar 2 Door Rehabilitation, DCA
Solicitation Information: IFB-22-21550; Issued 05/11/2022; Bids Received 08/04/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12268; Awarded 10/19/2022
Award Amount: $622,325.00
Contractor Name: National Door Service, Inc.
Contact Person: Paul A. Cummings, III, 410-245-2648

Runway Sand, DCA
Solicitation Information: RFQ-21-22170a; Issued 08/03/2022; Quotations Received 08/17/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12165; Awarded 10/12/2022
Award Amount: $52,700.00
Contractor Name: Reagg, LLC
Contact Person: Sandra Fowler, 240-532-7045

UV-IR Upgrade to Linear Detection System, IAD
Solicitation Information: IFB-22-23880; Issued 07/08/2022; Bids Received 08/17/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12172; Awarded 10/04/2022
Award Amount: Not-to-Exceed $1,791,331.00
Contractor Name: Patner Construction, Inc.
Contact Person: Charley Mays, 703-698-2190

Roadway Wayfinding Master Plan Sign Material, DCA UPDATED 
Solicitation Information: RFQ-22-23574a; Issued 09/14/2022; Responses Received 09/27/2022
Notice: RFQ-22-23574a was cancelled effective 09/29/2022. Revised RFQ-22-23574b has been issued.

Industrial Gases and Cylinder Rentals, DCA & IAD
Solicitation Information: RFQ-21-21788; Issued 06/30/2022; Quotations Received 07/18/2022
Award Information: Contract SC-22-00028; Awarded 09/26/2022
Award Amount: $42,315.00
Contractor Name: Roberts Oxygen Company, Inc.
Contact Person: Michael Blair, 703-851-7821

Executive Search Services for VP for Audit UPDATED 
Solicitation Information: RFQ-22-24862a; Issued 08/26/2022; Responses Received 09/06/2022
Notice: RFQ-22-24862a was cancelled effective 09/23/2022

Concourse C Electrical Substation A2 Replacement, IAD UPDATED 
Solicitation Information: IFB-22-25781; Issued 10/21/2022
Notice: IFB-22-25781 was cancelled effective 09/23/2022. A revised solicitation will be issued in the future.

Carpet and Vinyl Installation and Repair Services, DCA & IAD
Solicitation Information: IFB-21-27288; Issued 05/09/2022; Bids Received 06/09/2022
Award Information: Contract SC-22-00026; Awarded 09/22/2022
Award Amount: Not-to-Exceed $700,000.00
Contractor Name: B&B Solutions US, LLC
Contact Person: Shannah Bellamy, 202-388-8312

Garage 2 Concrete Repairs, IAD
Solicitation Information: IFB-22-22481; Issued 06/22/2022; Bids Received 07/26/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12104; Awarded 09/14/2022
Award Amount: $84,985.00
Contractor Name: Eastern Waterproofing & Restoration of Virginia, LLC
Contact Person: Pat McBreen, 301-595-8679

Group File Share Migration
Solicitation Information: RFQ-21-27601a; Issued 08/02/2022; Responses Received 08/17/2022
Award Information: Contract PO-22-12008; Awarded 09/01/2022
Award Amount: $198,071.00
Contractor Name: Pivotal Point, LLC
Contact Person: Dokmai Webster, 703-972-9116


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