D2 Projects: Runway 12-30 Reconstruction

Runway 12-30 was built in 1960 and opened along with the Airport in 1962.  Additions to the original runway included a 500-foot extension in 1992 and new asphalt shoulders in 1998.  Due to its age and use, the original runway pavement needed to be replaced.  Also, additional drainage features and strength improvements were needed to accommodate aircraft much heavier than those estimated in the original design

Since Runway 12-30 is the only crosswind runway at Dulles, its reconstruction would have to be timed to avoid periods when the winds would favor this runway over the others (1L-19R and 1R-19L).  A summer timeframe was selected, and construction was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.

The project called for demolition and reconstruction of the runway in two phases.  In order to minimize runway downtime, the contractor agreed to combine the two phases.  This shaved the total planned construction schedule from 148 days to 134 days.  The actual project was completed in 121 days, saving nearly a month off the original schedule.

Statistics about Runway 12-30:

  • Original runway dimensions (1962): 10,000 feet by 150 feet
  • Runway dimensions after 1992: 10,500 feet by 150 feet

Construction Details:

  • Contractors:  Michael Baker, Jr. Inc. - Design.  Lane Construction Corporation - Construction. 
  • Runway returned to daytime operations: August 2004
  • Runway returned to full service: October 2004
  • Program Cost: $49.7 million


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