Upcoming Awards

The Airports Authority has received responses to the following solicitations:

Occupational Medical Services
Solicitation Information: RFP-20-22349; Issued 05/13/2020; Proposals Received 06/19/2020

Oil/Water Separator Maintenance, Dulles Airport
Solicitation Information: IFB-20-20475; Issued 05/19/2020; Bids Received 06/18/2020
Bid Opening Summary

Warehouse Stock Crouse-Hinds Airfield Lamps and Components, Dulles Airports
Solicitation Information: IFB-20-21957; Issued 05/20/2020; Bids Received 06/18/2020
Bid Opening Summary

Commissioning Services, National and Dulles Airports
Solicitation Information: RFQI-20-20636; Issued 05/14/2020; Qualifications Received 06/16/2020

Index Floater and/or Letter of Credit for Airport System Revenue Bonds
Solicitation Information: RFP-20-23831; Issued 05/21/2020; Proposals Received 06/10/2020

South Sanitary Lift Station Replacement Project, National Airport
Solicitation Information: IFB-20-20583; Issued 04/21/2020; Bids Received 06/04/2020
Bid Opening Summary

Warehouse Stock Absorbent Materials, National and Dulles Airports
Solicitation Information: RFQ-20-20546; Issued 05/11/2020; Quotations Received 05/26/2020

Heavy-Duty 4x2 Truck, Dulles Airport
Solicitation Information: RFQ-19-16856; Issued 04/16/2020; Quotations Received 05/18/2020

Armored Car Services for the Dulles Toll Road and Airports
Solicitation Information: RFQ-19-10554b; Issued 03/18/2020; Quotations Received 05/13/2020

FSA, Commuter and COBRA Services
Solicitation Information: RFP-20-20995; Issued 04/03/2020; Proposals Received 05/13/2020

Internal Audit Services
Solicitation Information: RFP-20-20040; Issued 03/24/2020; Proposals Received 05/06/2020

Contract Lifecycle Management System
Solicitation Information: RFP-19-17758; Issued 03/06/2020; Proposals Received 05/01/2020

Automotive Batteries, National and Dulles Airports
Solicitation Information: IFB-19-14749; Issued 03/26/2020; Proposals Received 04/23/2020

Audit Management System
Solicitation Information: RFP-19-18146; Issued 03/06/2020; Proposals Received 04/17/2020

Retirement Plan Purchase and Recordkeeping Services
Solicitation Information: RFP-20-20996; Issued 03/06/2020; Proposals Received 04/17/2020

Design-Build Tasks for Closeout of DCMP Phase 2
Solicitation Information: IFB-20-20019; Issued 03/03/2020; Bids Received 04/02/2020
Bid Opening Summary

Network and Systems Engineers Staff Augmentation
Solicitation Information: RFP-19-17560; Issued 01/23/2020; Proposals Received 02/27/2020

Facilities Condition Assessment & Enterprise Asset Management Services
Solicitation Information: RFQI-19-17690; Issued 01/10/2020; Qualifications Received 02/26/2020

Maintenance of Work Platforms and Lifts, Dulles Airport
Solicitation Information: IFB-19-13436; Issued 11/06/2019; Bids Received 12/12/2019
Bid Opening Summary

Heavy Equipment Parts, Dulles Airport
Solicitation Information: IFB-19-16004; Issued 10/16/2019; Bids Received 12/05/2019
Bid Opening Summary Coming Soon

Thermoplastic Pavement Painting Markings, Dulles Airports
Solicitation Information: IFB-19-14324; Issued 09/23/2019; Bids Received 12/04/2019
Bid Opening Summary

Passenger Lounge Concession, Dulles Airport
Solicitation Information: RFP-19-12134; Issued 08/28/2019; Proposals Received 11/12/2019

Refrigerated Shipping Containers, National and Dulles Airports
Solicitation Information: RFQ-19-13850a; Issued 10/10/2019; Quotations Received 10/31/2019