The Airports Authority has received responses to the following solicitations:

Reconstruct Runway 12-30, East Section and Associated Taxiways, IAD
Solicitation Information: RFP-21-22915; Issued 08/04/2021; Proposals Received 09/17/2021

Dulles Corridor Enterprise Bond and Disclosure Counsel Legal Services
Solicitation Information: RFP-21-23044; Issued 08/08/11/2021; Proposals Received 09/15/2021

Remove Spent Shell Casings from Public Safety Firing Range Training Facility
Solicitation Information: RFQ-21-22461; Issued 08/09/2021; Quotations Received 09/14/2021

Promotional Items
Solicitation Information: RFQ-21-24419; Issued 08/17/2021; Quotations Received 09/03/2021

Network Cabling Services
Solicitation Information: RFP-20-27903; Issued 06/23/2021; Proposals Received 08/17/2021

Security Electronic Data Inspection System, DCA & IAD
Solicitation Information: RFP-20-27388; Issued 06/14/2021; Proposals Received 07/29/2021

Western Lands Fence and Security Enhancements, IAD
Solicitation Information: IFB-21-20893; Issued 06/04/2021; Bids Received 07/29/2021
Bid Opening Summary

Environmental Studies, DCA & IAD
Solicitation Information: RFQI-21-21276; Issued 06/02/2021; Qualifications Received 07/26/2021

Environmental Consulting Services, DCA & IAD
Solicitation Information: RFQI-21-21673; Issued 06/10/2021; Qualifications Received 07/21/2021

LED Lamp Replacements and Fixtures, DCA & IAD
Solicitation Information: IFB-20-28500; Issued 06/09/2021; Bids Received 07/15/2021
Bid Opening Summary

Rehabilitation of Sanitary Sewer Lift Station at Concourse B, IAD
Solicitation Information: IFB-21-21519; Issued 04/28/2021; Bids Received 07/08/2021
Bid Opening Summary

Letter of Credit - Airport System Revenue Bonds
Solicitation Information: RFP-21-23556; Issued 06/18/2021; Proposals Received 07/02/2021

Indirect Cost Allocation Plan Services
Solicitation Information: RFP-21-22101; Issued 05/20/2021; Proposals Received 06/24/2021

Ethernet and Internet Data Circuits
Solicitation Information: RFP-20-27088; Issued 04/13/2021; Proposals Received 06/23/2021

Snow Control and Removal Services, DTR
Solicitation Information: RFP-20-27774; Issued 04/23/2021; Proposals Received 06/18/2021

Office and Lounge Furniture and Installation Services
Solicitation Information: RFQ-21-21045; Issued 05/17/2021; Quotations Received 06/18/2021

Airfield Guidance Sign Face Panels, IAD
Solicitation Information: RFQ-21-20793; Issued 05/14/2021; Quotations Received 06/16/2021

Solid Runway Deicer, DCA & IAD
Solicitation Information: IFB-21-20153; Issued 05/03/2021; Proposals Received 06/09/2021; Bids Received 07/29/2021
Bid Opening Summary

Roadway Weather Information System Remote Processing Unit Upgrade, DCA
Solicitation Information: RFQ-20-22993; Issued 04/14/2021; Quotations Received 05/20/2021

Design North Airfield Development & Airfield Geometric Improvements, DCA
Solicitation Information: RFQI-21-20441; Issued 04/12/2021; Qualifications Received 05/13/2021

Elevator, Escalator and Moving Walkway Maintenance, DCA & IAD
Solicitation Information: RFP-20-25282; Issued 03/05/2021; Proposals Received 05/04/2021

Snow Removal Services, DCA & IAD
Solicitation Information: RFP-20-28270; Issued 03/29/2021; Proposals Received 04/29/2021

Unarmed Security Guard Services, Dulles Airports
Solicitation Information: RFP-20-25621; Issued 01/07/2021; Proposals Received 03/18/2021

Design Services for DTR, DIAAH, DCA and IAD Roadways and Airfield Facilities
Solicitation Information: RFQI-20-27606; Issued 02/08/2021; Qualifications Received 03/17/2021

Thermoplastic Pavement Paint Markings, Dulles Airports
Solicitation Information: IFB-20-28687; Issued 01/21/2021; Bids Received 03/16/2021
Bid Opening Summary

Online Hotel, Rental Car and Airline Travel Booking Services
Solicitation Information: IFB-20-27450; Issued 02/11/2021; Proposals Received 03/12/2021

Replacement Engine for Foam Truck, Dulles Airport
Solicitation Information: RFQ-20-26406a; Issued 12/22/2020; Quotations Received 01/06/2021

Insulation of Utilities Systems, National Airport
Solicitation Information: RFQ-20-22942; Issued 11/05/2020; Quotations Received 12/04/2020

Planning and Programming Consultant Services for the Dulles Toll Road
Solicitation Information: RFQI-20-23108; Issued 07/22/2020; Qualifications Received 09/02/2020

Armored Car Services for the Dulles Toll Road and Airports
Solicitation Information: RFQ-19-10554b; Issued 03/18/2020; Quotations Received 05/13/2020

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