This project provided two five-level parking garages close to the Terminal for daily parking.  These are the first garages constructed at the Airport.  Previously, daily parking existed in the surface lot in front of the airport along with hourly parking.  That lot has been converted to hourly parking and valet.

A covered pedestrian walkway from Daily Garage 2 connects to the Ticketing level of the Main Terminal.  An underground pedestrian walkway from Daily Garage 1 with moving sidewalks connects via escalators to the Arrivals/Baggage Claim level of the Main Terminal.  In the future it will also connect directly to the security screening mezzanine and to a future Metrorail train station to be built below the walkway.

Statistics about Daily Garage 1

  • Opening date: April 2003
  • Parking spaces: about 4,800
  • Area: 1.5 million square feet
  • Connection to Main Terminal: 1,200 foot underground walkway with moving sidewalks

Statistics about Daily Garage 2

  • Opening date: March 2002
  • Parking spaces: about 3,700
  • Area: 1.2 million square feet
  • Connection to Main Terminal: covered outdoor walkway on garage level 3

Program Cost Details:

  • Daily Garage 1: $63 million
  • Daily Garage 2: $60.6 million
  • Passenger walkway from Garage 1: $37 million
  • Canopy for walkway from Garage 2: $1.4 million 

Contractor Details:

  • URS Grenier, Inc - Design of garages and underground walkway
  • Turner Construction - Construction of garages and Garage 2 walkway canopy
  • Lane Construction - Construction of underground walkway
  • Sorg and Associates, P.C. - Design of Garage 2 walkway canopy


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