A new, updated look for a temporary facility

Concourse C/D was built in 1985, two years before the Airports Authority was created.  The original structure was the first midfield concourse at Dulles to service aircraft via jetbridge gates.  It was conceived as a temporary facility. Since then, airport growth led to construction of permanent midfield Concourses A and B while C/D began to show its age.  The purpose of the rehabilitation project was to extend the useful life of the C and D Concourses until a permanent replacement could be built nearby.

The primary improvements completed in 2006 include light fixture upgrades, new paint finishes, new ceiling grids and tiles, heating and air conditioning replacement, and complete restroom renovations.

Statistics about Concourse C/D Rehabilitation:

  • Date Completed: January 2006

Construction Details:

  • Contractors: Dominion Consulting Engineers, PC - Design.  Smoot Construction Co. - Construction.
  • Estimated Program Cost: $23.6 million

New Concourse C planned for the future

A new, permanent midfield concourse will eventually replace the existing Concourse C/D, which is a temporary structure. At its central point, Its location will be aligned with the base of the new Airport Traffic Control Tower. Plans call for a three-level structure with 44 airline gates and similar amenities to Concourse B. The concourse plan includes a dedicated mezzanine corridor with moving sidewalks to serve international passengers.  Design and construcion of the new concourse have not yet been scheduled.


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