In response to continuing growth in international air service at Washington Dulles International Airport, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority opened the International Arrivals Building (IAB) in 1991, when Dulles was serving approximately 1.4 million international passengers a year. By the end of 2007, the number of passengers arriving from abroad increased to six million passengers annually with the addition of new international flights.

The expansion of the previous facility allows the Customs and Border Protection Services to serve approximately 2,400 passengers per hour--nearly double that of its previous capacity.  Baggage claim devices were enlarged and new primary inspection positions were added.  Skylights and a large window area allow natural light to filter into the space providing a more welcoming entry to the United States.

The project was divided into three phases to minimize disruption to passengers. The first phase which expanded the arrivals hall and primary inspection positions opened to passengers September 22, 2009 (click here for press release). The second phase which expanded the baggage claim hall opened November 3, 2010. The third phase which replaces the original bag claim devices was completed in September 2011. Follow-on enhancements to the baggage check and passenger greeting areas are underway.

Statistics about the International Arrivals Building Expansion Improvements (table):


   Previous       Expansion
 Passengers Per Hour  1400  2400
 Total Floor Area  188,263 sf  394,263 sf
 Primary Inspection Positions  38  50
 Passenger Queuing Area  19,800 sf  41,400 sf
 Bag Claim Devices  6  6 + Odd Size
 Bag Claim Presentation  960 lf  1792 lf


Construction Information:

  • Design Contractor: Pierce Goodwin Alexander & Linville (PGAL)
  • Construction Contractor: Clark Construction Group, LLC
  • Completion date: September 2011 


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