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Enhanced Employee Inspections


The federal government has directed major U.S. airports, including DCA, to begin an enhanced employee inspection process at employee entrances to restricted space throughout the airport. Employees should be aware of and prepared for this process. It is important to check all clothing and bags/containers, and any equipment or other materials, brought through the entrance to ensure they contain no prohibited items. Employees still may bring personal food or beverage through these entrances, as well as tools of their trade. Penalties for carrying prohibited items could include monetary penalties and suspension from carrying an airport badge. Please see Airport Security Bulletins 20230925-1 and 20230925-3

New technology to capture an image of a individual's SIDA badge as part of the inspection process may be used. See Airport Bulletin 20230925-4.  


Security Bulletin pertaining to the Prohibited Items list related to the Aviation Worker Inspections Program.

Security Bulletin pertaining to Aviation Worker Inspections
















Pass & ID will only accept badge application version 2023-09-25.

The Pass and ID and Fingerprinting Offices are appointment only on Mondays, with no walk-in services. Walk-ins will be accepted Tuesday through Friday with appointments encouraged. Appointments can be made HERE. See Airport Bulletin 23/022.


Office Location and Hours

Pass & ID Office: Terminal 1 on the concourse level, near Door 3, Suite A2-132.

  • Submit initial badging application for new applicant
  • Submit renewal badging application (After all yearly renewal training is complete)
  • Replace a damaged, lost, or stolen badge
  • Return a badge

Badging Training Center: Terminal 1, lower level, near Airport Operations, Suite A1-172.

  • Conduct initial badging training after approval
  • Conduct renewal badging training (Including any training for driver and/or authorized signer endorsements)
  • New Company onboarding
  • Existing Company renewal
  • Access issues with your badge
  • Return a badge

Violations: Report to Airport Operations for a copy of your Notice of Violation (NOV).


Mailing Address:

DCA Pass and ID Department


Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Washington, DC  20001


Hours Open: Monday to Friday 7:00am - 3pm, except the 2nd Wednesday of each month, the Pass & ID Office will be closed for administrative duties.

Appointments only on Mondays with no walk-in services. Walk-ins will be accepted Tuesday through Friday with appointments encouraged.

The Airports Authority normally follows the OPM guidelines for the Federal holidays closings and any other delayed openings and early closings.

Planned Holiday Closures for 2023/2024: The Pass & ID and Badging Training Offices will be closed on the following:

  • Monday, December 25th (Christmas Day)
  • Monday, January 1st (New Year's Day)
  • Wednesday, January 10th (Administrative Day)
  • Monday, January 15th (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
  • Wednesday, February 14th (Administrative Day)
  • Monday, February 19th (Presidents' Day)
  • Wednesday, March 13th (Administrative Day)
  • Wednesday, April 10th (Administrative Day)
  • Wednesday, May 8th (Administrative Day)
  • Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day)
  • Wednesday, June 12th (Administrative Day)
  • Wednesday, June 19th (Juneteenth)
  • Thursday, July 4th (4th of July)
  • Wednesday, July 10th (Administrative Day)
  • Wednesday, August 14th (Administrative Day)
  • Monday, September 2nd (Labor Day)
  • Wednesday, September, 11th (Administrative Day)
  • Wednesday, October 9th (Administrative Day)
  • Monday, October 14th (Columbus Day)
  • Monday, November 11th (Veterans Day)
  • Wednesday, November 13th (Administrative Day)
  • Thursday, November 28th (Thanksgiving Day)
  • Friday, November 29th (Administrative Day)
  • Wednesday, December 11th (Administrative Day)
  • Wednesday, December 25th (Christmas Day)
  • Wednesday, January 1st (New Year's Day)

Badge Application Process:

Applicants are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you are a new applicant: 

  1. Report to the Pass & ID office first with all the completed required documentation.
  2. Check in at the kiosk to receive a numbered ticket, check-in for your appointment, or scan the QR code on the wall to "Join the Line"
  3. Any payment will be completed at the Airport Cashier
  4. You will be notified by your Certifying Official when your application has been approved.
  5. Once notified, return to the Badging Training Center to complete your training.
  6. Once you have completed training, check back with the Badging Training Center office to receive your badge.

If you are renewing your badge:

You can now utilize our online Airport ID Badge Renewal Portal: CLICK HERE

  • DCA Badges only, not Purple Badges
  • Safari is not supported, use Chrome
  • "Unique ID" refers to your SIDA Badge Number
  1. If you can't complete your training online, come to the Badging Training Center to complete it in person:
    • Recurrent SIDA training.
    • Non-movement driver endorsement as indicated by a "D" on your badge.
    • Movement driver endorsement as indicated by a "DM" on your badge.
    • Are a designated Certifying Official for your company.
  2. Once you have completed training, proceed to the Pass and ID Office (Suite A2-132) to receive a numbered ticket for processing or to check-in to your appointment.
  3. Badges may be renewed up to 30 calendar days prior to badge expiration. Training must be completed within the same period and is good for 30 days.

Required forms for all applicants - Click links below to download, complete and print both forms.  If you need help completing the application, please refer to the Instructions.

1. Pass & ID Application Form Click to download 

 IMPORTANT– ID Application must be printed double-sided on two pieces of paper.

2. Fingerprint Application (36 Questions) Click to download


Annually, each application must be marked as a Renewal and the Individual must present two (2) forms of Identification. One must be picture ID.

To learn which training is required, please see the Training Requirements for Badge Holders for your badge type.

If you need to schedule your Advanced Movement Area Driver Training course with an Airport Operations representative, please email us.

For more information, please see the Orders and Instructions relating to ID Badge requirements.


Certification Official Information

Airport security is a serious matter and one which requires trustworthy dedicated individuals to oversee the various processes. One of the individuals that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires is an Authorized Signer, known at Reagan National as the Designated Certified Official or Certification Official.  As a Certification Official, a great responsibility is placed upon the individual to help the Airport Authority ensure the integrity and accountability of the badging and access control systems for the respective company.

An individual must be designated by their company to be a Certification Official through a request submitted on the Designated Certification Official Letter.  Once the request is approved and the Certification Official has cleared the process, the Designated Certification Official Letter will be kept on file in the Pass & ID Office and must be updated by the company within 7 business days if there are any changes.

The Designated Certification Official must complete the following prior to any other employee starting the badge application process:

  1. Apply for and receive an airport issued ID badge using the Badge Application Form and Fingerprint Application. 
  2. Complete the Security Training and the Certification Official Training video. This training must be completed annually as part of the badge renewal training for the Designated Certification Official. 
  3. Attend a meeting with the Pass and ID Supervisor to discuss your duties and responsibilities. Please contact the Pass and ID office at the information listed below and ask to speak to the Supervisor to schedule the meeting.

 Additionally, you must maintain a valid ID badge and complete the applicable annual training in order to retain your status as a Certification Official.

It is the responsibility of a Certification Official to have a complete understanding of the duties and responsibilities, to understand the basic concepts and requirements of airport security, and to be proactively involved in the role as a Certification Official.  Failure of the Certification Official to comply with any of the requirements may cause delays in processing a company’s employees or personnel through the Pass and ID Office.

To help the Certification Official in understanding the duties and responsibilities, the Pass and ID Office has developed the Certification Official Packet  for guidance, which must be signed along with the Certification Official Training Certification.

When returning ID badges to the Pass and ID Office, please complete the Returned Badge Receipt Form and bring it along with the badges to the Pass and ID office.  The form will be signed off by the Pass and ID Office and you will be provided a copy of the signed receipt.

If your employee has a lost, stolen, or otherwise unaccounted badge and they need to have a new one issued; please ensure that they bring the UNACCOUNTED BADGE FORM with them to the Pass and ID Office.

On-Boarding New Companies

Any company seeking to work on Airport property for more than 30 days without escorts, must obtain Airport Authorization by:

  1. Completing a Sponsor Letter for Company Form form with the help of the company's Airport Sponsor. 
  2. Completing an  Access Request Form with the help of the company's Airport Sponsor. 
  3. Completing the Certification Official process, seen above. 

For any further information, please contact the Badging Training Center. (703-417-4631)


Badging Training Center

Located in Terminal 1, lower level, near Airport Operations, Suite A1-172.

Hours Open: Monday to Friday 7:00am - 3pm : Closed second Wednesday of each month, Federal Holidays, and OPM Delays\Closures

Interactive Employee Training (IET) Room

Located adjacent in the Badging Training Center (see above)

Hours Open:

  • Valid/current badge holders may swipe in for access
  • New Applicants can attend training during attendant hours of 7:00am – 3:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Cashier’s Office

Located in the Reagan National, Terminal 1, Third Floor, Room 296.

Hours Open: Monday to Friday 7:00am - 3pm : Closed second Wednesday of each month

*** Effective April 3, 2023, the fee for fingerprint collection is $31.00. If receiving a security threat assessment (STA) an additional $11 fee will be charged (Total fee $31 + $11= $42) (check, cash, money order, or credit card accepted) ***


Customs Seals - if applicable

Click here or visit

AOA Vehicle Inspection Information

AOA Vehicle Inspections are required on all vehicles operated on the AOA. Vehicles must meet the minimum requirements as described in the Vehicle Control Program as summarized on the AOA Vehicle Application.

AOA Vehicle Inspections are conducted by appointment only Monday through Friday.  Please complete the AOA Vehicle Application and have the authorized company representative submit it in accordance with the instructions.

For questions in reference to vehicle inspections, please contact the Airport Operations Safety and Security Office at 703-417-8100/8965.

To schedule an appointment for inspection please email the Airport Operations Safety and Security Office at [email protected]

For more information on the vehicle inspections process, please see the Orders and Instructions relating to the Vehicle Control Program.

Pass & ID Related Contact Numbers

Pass and ID Office
Phone: 703-417-8052
Badging Training Center (Including new company enrollment and existing company renewal)
Access Control
Airport Operations Department
For questions on enforcement: 703-417-8050
To schedule Advanced Movement Area Driver Training, please email us.
Cashier's Office
Customs and Border Protection
703-417-0545 or



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