D2 Projects: Main Terminal AeroTrain Station


The Main Terminal AeroTrain Station represents a major expansion on the airfield side of the Main Terminal. But since it was constructed about 60 feet below ground, views of the Main Terminal will remain unblocked. The station spans the entire length of the Main Terminal (about 1,600 feet) and has four distinct levels:

  • Departures (49,600 square feet)
  • Arrivals (49,600 square feet)
  • Security Mezzanine (121,700 square feet)
  • AeroTrain Platform (54,500 square feet)

Moving passenger screening operations to the new Security Mezzanine will alleviate congestion from the previous screening location on the Main Terminal ticketing level. The mezzanine is also directly accessible from other parts of the Airport including Baggage Claim and the parking facilities.

The AeroTrain platform is a "side-center-side" arrangement. Passengers heading to flights will be able to board the train from the center platform immediately after people arriving on the train step onto the side platforms.

Despite its underground location, the design of the station is very open and allows natural light to filter in. There is an extensive system of skylights at roof level, which is level with the ground outside. Trains entering and exiting the station will travel through glass enclosures.  Two elevators in the station will have the appearance of vertical glass tubes. The station and the AeroTrain System were completed in 2009 and opened on January 26, 2010.

Statistics about the Main Terminal AeroTrain Station:

  • Platform Level Dimensions: 440 feet long x 120 feet wide x 39 feet high
  • Waiting time between trains: Approximately 2 minutes

Construction Information:

  • Design Contractor: Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
  • Construction Contractor: Turner Construction Company

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