As of November 1, 2015, all Limousine operators providing Limousine Pick-Up or Drop-Off trips (including trips originating in or with a destination of the Airports’ public parking facilities) at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport or Washington Dulles International Airport (Airports) must be authorized via a Limousine Service Permit, issued under Part 5 of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s Regulations, to provide Limousine Service on the Airports.

View the Airports Authority Board of Directors Approved Resolution No. 15-24

To apply for a Limousine Services Permit, please download the Permit Application and Sample Permit using the links provided below; and follow the instructions: 

Download the Airports Authority's Limousine Services Permit Application

Download an Airports Authority Sample Limousine Services Permit

Only one Permit Application is necessary to receive a Limousine Services Permit from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (Airports Authority) to provide Limousine Service at both Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport. 

After the Permit Application has been received, processed, and approved by the Airports Authority, the applicant will be contacted and provided instructions on remitting payment for the  Application and Administrative Fees (one-time $250 Application Fee and $20 for each Automated Vehicle Identification Tag issued to the applicant for the vehicles registered under the Permit).  After all Fees have been received by the Airports Authority, the Limousine Services Permit will be issued to the applicant.    

For questions regarding the Permit Application or to receive the Permit Application in person or by mail:

Please email us at:

Or call:
          (703) 417-0981  Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
          (703) 572-2900  Washington Dulles International Airport

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