Orders and Instructions - DCA

The following is a list of Orders and Instructions which may be applicable to contracts performed at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

Documents in this section are primarily in PDF format and require Adobe Reader version 5.0 or later.
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Security, Badging and Access Control

Icon-Acrobat.jpg  Identification Badge Requirements, DCA 6-4-4C, Issued 10/29/2015 (1.20 MB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgSecurity Vehicle Gate Procedures, DCA 6-4-5, Issued 07/15/1997 (229 KB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgVehicle Control Program, DCA 3-2-4L Issued 11/16/2018  (1.51 MB)

DCA Pass and ID Office Information and Badge Application Forms


Icon-Acrobat.jpgFire System Shutdown Procedures, DCA 5-1-3, Issued 08/03/1992 (1.91 MB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgWelding, Cutting and Other Open Flame Work, 5-1-1A, Issued 09/12/1991 (105 KB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpg Construction, Alterations and Repairs to Buildings and Structures, DCA 6-3-1C, Issued 08/29/1991 (159 KB)
(Note: this is applicable to Airport Tenant projects that are administered through the Engineering and Maintenance Division, MA-120)

Airport Operations

Icon-Acrobat.jpg Special Handling of Dignitaries and High-Risk Travelers, MWAA-9-4-2G, Issued 08/31/2020 (783 KB)

General Information

Airport Workers Wage Policy, MWAA 1-4-1A, Issued 07/01/2020

Icon-Acrobat.jpgAirport Waste Container Procedures, DCA 6-7-1, Issued 10/10/2002 (133 KB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgHazardous Materials Emergency Response Plan, DCA 4-4-5, Issued 09/16/1991 (14.71 MB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgLocking of Spaces, DCA 10-0-2C, Issued 04/07/ 2010 (72 KB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpg Media Access to Airport Facilities, DCA 10-1-1, Issued 02/31/1997 (1.50 MB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgPublic Hours of Operation of the Public Areas, MWAA 6-1-1, Issued 09/16/2019 (46 KB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgRules of Conduct in the Airports Terminals and Concourse Facilities, 8-1-3, Issued 02/23/2017 (711 KB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgRestricted Area Employee Responsibilities, DCA 10-0-3E, Issued 09/21/1990 (81 KB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgSevere Weather Plan, DCA 4-9-1, Issued 07/30/2009 (206 KB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpg  Smoking Policy at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, DCA 6-5-1D, Issued 11/19/2015 (48 KB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpg Smoking Policy on the Air Operations Area (AOA), DCA 5-2-12C, Issued 07/10/2013 (22 KB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgTemporary Parking Permit Program, DCA 3-1-7, Issued 10/24/2007 (3.01 MB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgTenant Emergency Evacuation Plan for Terminal A, DCA 4-7-1, Issued 05/09/2003 (1.85 MB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgTenant Emergency Evacuation Plan for Terminals B and C, DCA 4-6-1, Issued 02/11/1998 (2.46 MB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgTrash Control and Removal, 10-0-1B, Issued 10/06/1969 (213 KB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgUnmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Drones & Model Aircraft, DCA 2-2-1A, Issued 07/26/2021 (937 KB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpg Use of Escalators and Moving Walkways, DCA 5-2-10A, Issued 03/18/2005 (1.28 MB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgWaste Management, DCA 5-3-1, Issued 10/25/2002 (304 KB)


Icon-Acrobat.jpg Utility Outage Request Form (35 KB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgProperty Transfer/Receipt Form, Form PM-12, Revised 12/2006 (214 KB)
(Applies to any property assets (equipment over $5k) or sensitive items)

Icon-Acrobat.jpgRequest to Stock Construction Project Items, Form PR-40C, Revised 02/2013 (17 KB)
(Used for any materials (extra supplies) that the Airports Authority would store for future repairs/replacements)