In October of 2011, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Board of Directors commissioned an independent audit to assess the administrative procedures that the Airports Authority was using in the oversight of Phase 1 of the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project, and to recommend any opportunities for improvement in managing the Project.

KPMG, a nationally recognized accounting firm, recently completed the audit which found that “current processes and controls overall are working as intended to allow for effective management of the Project.”

The audit said the Authority’s Project Rail Office used procedures that increased efficiency, reduced cost and limited risk exposure on the Project. KPMG also made recommendations to improve compliance with existing processes.

“The observations identified during the course of our audit do not represent a significant risk to delivering the Project or indicate a lack of adequate oversight and controls of the Project,” KPMG wrote. “The findings, observations and related recommendations should be viewed as opportunism to further develop or strengthen existing Project management processes and controls.”

The Airports Authority found the audit recommendations to be useful and all of the recommendations either have been or are planned to be implemented into the Project.

The independent review of the Dulles Corridor Rail Project was commissioned by the Airports Authority as part of its ongoing Project management. In addition, multiple reviews and audits are in progress or have been conducted on the Project by federal authorities as required by regulation and requested by Congress.

May 2012

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